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Building on the successful Kinetis K Series (K22 and K24), the K32 L3 Series of MCUs delivers a 50% improvement in power optimization and security advancements to address a wide range of industrial and IoT applications. The K32 L3 Series, based on the power-efficient Arm® Cortex® -M4 core and an optional Arm® Cortex® -M0+, provides new enhancements such as low-leakage power-optimized peripherals, a DC-DC converter, and security features like authenticated boot, secure update and tamper detection pins.

The introduction of the K32 L3 MCU Series is the start of a long line of MCUs which will further advance NXP's security capabilities and power optimization features to lead the market in the next generation of low-leakage applications. The K32 L3 Series is complemented by a comprehensive ecosystem including the MCUXpressso software and tools and a development board for easy prototyping of the MCU.


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