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Signify North America Advance Flextune System

All-digital tunable LED driver and module solutions for unmatched design flexibility and control precision

The Advance FlexTune system by Signify is an all-digital, open-standard wireless control solution that provides a new level of design flexibility, control precision, and simplicity. The LED system handles tunable white lighting in commercial applications such as commercial office, healthcare, hospitality, and education.

Key highlights of the Advance FlexTune system include:

  • Digital wireless control designed to provide precise CCT tuning and dimming control
  • Color consistency down to 1% minimum dimming and conform to the NEMA 77-2017 flicker specification
  • Multiple LED module options that support a wide variety of performance requirements
  • Digital interface that opens up a full ecosystem of compatible wireless lighting control devices/architectures

Advance Xitanium SR FlexTune LED Driver: A Simpler, More Affordable Lighting Project

This FlexTune system includes a 40W digital LED driver with the Sensor Ready (SR) interface. The Advance Xitanium range of linear LED drivers is a new class of driver that provides unparalleled flexibility for your next lighting project that requires color tuning (CCT) capability. The Advance Xitanium series enables digital control of color temperature and lighting output through the open-standard Sensor Ready (SR) interface. It works with multiple LED modules and fixture-based, wireless networked lighting control solutions. With the Signify Xitanium SR FlexTune LED driver, you can precisely control the color temperature and lighting output down to 1% and meet NEMA flicker requirements. There is no longer a need for separate control electronics inside the luminaire. The result is a simpler, less expensive light fixture with the right digital foundation for your next connected lighting project.

LED Driver Features

  • 40W
  • 1% minimum dim level
  • UL Class 2
  • Digital control of dimming and color temperature (DALI 209, Device Type 8)
  • DALI-2 ready
  • Compatible with SR-certified NLC solutions

Advance Fortimo FlexTune LED Module

The Advance FlexTune System is available with a wide selection of fixed or cuttable-length LED modules (2700K to 6500K, CRI 80/90). Fortimo FlexTune LED modules are the preferred light source for the Advance FlexTune system thanks to a multitude of performance and product advancements such as higher efficacy, higher lumen output, increased lumen maintenance, additional mechanical designs and CRI options when compared to previous LED modules. New Fortimo LED modules and systems are specifically engineered to deliver reliable, high-quality light with the energy efficiency and low total cost of ownership that end users expect.


Signify - LED Lighting Solutions with the Advance FlexTune System