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EasySense SNS010C & EasySense SNS210 MC

Economical lighting control solutions through easy configuration and commissioning



EasySense SNS010C

No commissioning! The EasySense SNS010C is an economical lighting control solution with integrated daylight-/motion-detection in a compact form-factor.

  • Per-fixture control
  • Motion detection
  • Daylight sensing
  • Bi-level dimming
  • Out of the box with common defaults
  • 256 customizable settings
  • Designed to work with Advance Xitanium LED drivers with ComfortFade and auxiliary output

Advance Xitanium 30W
Linear LED Driver

Advance Xitanium 40W
Linear LED Driver

Advance Xitanium 50W
Linear LED Driver

Advance Xitanium 75W
Linear LED Driver

SNS010C Datasheet


EasySense SNS210 MC

With EasySense SNS210 MC in combination with the Philips MasterConnect App, commissioning and configuration of a connected lighting system becomes very easy. The app works via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and is available for free on App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Per-fixture control and grouping to wireless switches, no gateway required
  • Vacancy sensing
  • Common pre-sets; works out of the box
  • Occupancy sharing
  • Scene setting
  • Features needed to meet many rebates
  • Upgrade to tie into third-party gateways or tunable white systems

Advance Xitanium SR 40W
Gen 2 Linear LED Driver

Advance Xitanium SR 75W
Gen 2 Linear LED Driver

SNS210 MC Overview

SNS210 MC Datasheet