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BCR420U & BCR421U are constant current regulators (CCR) for driving low power LED strings by using NPN Emitter-Follower with Emitter Resistor to Current Limit.

  • 10mA to 350mA
    Adjustable CCR enables platform designs based on a single device to used across multiple LED strip applications – easing manufacturer’s overall qualification process.
  • Increased Reliability
    Monolithically integrating a transistor, diodes and resistors both simplifies the system by reducing component count and increases overall reliability.
  • 1.4 to 40V Supply Voltage
    Low voltage overhead with sufficient headroom for over - voltage conditions such as LEDs failing short.
  • Negative Temperature Coefficient
    Self - protects and allows current sharing between parallel CCRs.
  • BCR421U with PWM
    Enable function that can adjust the light output level by PWM up to 10kHz