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EDAC has been designing and manufacturing interconnect products for over 53 years. Today, EDAC supplies a wide variety of products to customers globally. They understand their markets and provide off-the-shelf and customized products manufactured to the highest quality standards. They manufacture a broad range of higher reliability electrical connectors & backshells used in a variety of industries including computer, industrial, medical and military markets.

Card Edge Connectors

Card Edge connectors are available in 350,000+ standard styles with options for custom variations. They are suitable for applications such as Power Supplies, Storage Devices, Navigational Equipment, Industrial Controls and many more.

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Custom Connectors

EDAC can manufacture ‘Made to Spec’ connectors built to customer specifications, from concept into production in just 12 weeks, with prototypes as quick as 4 weeks. They offer a realistic approach to MOQ levels for custom products and they have the ability to manufacture alternatives to obsolete connectors.

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Modular and Magnetic Jacks

A Magnetic Jack connector is a combination of up to 10 discrete components: -RJ45 Connector, impedance matching transformers,2 LEDs, 4 termination resistors, high voltage capacitor and often common mode chokes. Typical use is in Ethernet applications that employ 10BASE-T, 10/100BASE-T, 1000BASE-T / Gigabit and come with or without PoE and VoIP capability.

These connectors are used in Data, Telecom, Networking and Home Entertainment markets for applications such as Servers, Hubs, Routers, Computers, Set Top Boxes and Digital TVs.

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Interconnect Solutions

EDAC offers one of the largest ranges of interconnect products on the market – Card Edge, Rack and Panel, RJ45, Magnetic Jacks, USB & Firewire, HDMI, Waterproof, PLCC Sockets, D-Sub, Pin Headers, modified standard, custom connectors and custom cable assemblies.

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Waterproof Connectors

E-seal uses a Proprietary epoxy sealing process through which seals the entire back of the connector rather than at individual pins. This provides for complete sealing with an impeccably smooth finish and guarantees no water ingress as fully tested to IP67 standards.

EDAC’s Waterproof wire-to-wire & wire-to-PCB connectors have been designed for use in rugged and harsh environments including, automotive, recreational and commercial vehicles, outdoor lighting, marine, solar, industrial / process control, construction and outdoor broadcast applications.

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High Speed Connectors

ZD | ZD+ High Speed Connectors:

  • Up to 25 Gbps Data transmission
  • Ruggedized Dual Beam Contact System
  • ZD+ features high speed with lower cross talk and tighter Impedance control
  • Superior Insertion Loss characteristics, Shock and Vibration Resistance

High Power Headers:

  • High Density for Space Saving
  • Soldering Charge Design to Prevent un-wetting
  • Available in 100 contacts and 160 contacts
  • Applications: Telecom, Server Farm and Data Storage Technology