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Nexperia offers a variety of products for different applications. Their selector guides are a one stop tool that helps you find and compare the specifications and features of our devices, to allow you to choose the correct product for application.

Selection Guide

The Nexperia Selection Guide contains Discrete, Logic and MOSFET devices in one document to give a complete overview the product portfolio. The Guide is a one stop shop to help find the right product for a design. The selection guide is split into five product areas with a section on packaging options and the latest advances in packaging.

It is the perfect go-to guide for devices in Bipolar Transistors, Diodes, ESD protection, Filtering and Signal Conditioning, MOSFETs, and Logic. The extensive product portfolio provides a wide range of devices including Automotive grade parts.

Automotive Guide

As cars continually become more intuitive, the industry is undergoing it biggest transformation to date. An increased demand in energy efficient, “connected” vehicles that keep us safe on the road is a challenge the industry is seeing as more devices are used in each vehicle. Whether the car is a hybrid, full electric, or a combustion engine state-of-the-art technologies and systems help steer vehicle efficiency while working to reduce fuel consumption and inevitable CO2 emissions without driving up costs.

We aim to delivering the right functionality, with the right performance, to help car makers with the ‘driving efficiency’ win. All our dedicated automotive devices are fully AEC-Q100/Q101 qualified.

Check out our complete automotive range of Bipolar transistors, Diodes, ESD protection, MOSFETs and Logic devices in the Nexperia Automotive Selection Guide 2019.

Power MOSFET Handbook

With the advancement of electronic applications in recent years there has subsequently been an increased demand for rugged power MOSFETs. Nexperia power MOSFETs are designed with particular applications in mind, such as switching different types of loads ranging anywhere from a few milliamps to several tens of amps.

The popularity of these components is most probably because of the ease of drive compared to their bipolar counterparts. Power MOSFETs wide range of packages and voltages that are available on the market also contribute to the increased demand.

Despite their ease, thermal aspects should be a top priority when designing with a power MOSFET. Keeping on mind both the MOSFET junction temperature and PCB temperature are within safe limits are key ensuring reliable operation.

Power MOSFET junction temperature must be kept below 175°C while the PCB that a surface mount MOSFET is soldered has a maximum operating temperature of around 120°C.

This handbook provides information on the application of power MOSFETs, our unique technology in standard and our industry leading LFPAK footprints as well as several application variables.


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