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Smart devices are increasingly becoming part of our everyday; connecting us and putting us in control of the world around us. Devices such as fitness trackers, hearing aids, security systems, medical drug pumps and programmable smart home applications are all a part of the world of IoT; designed to enhance our homes, cities and simplify our efforts overall.


ECS Inc. International manufactures frequency control management components and power inductors that allow these devices to function. Founded in 1980, ECS Inc. has grown to become one of the most recognized companies specializing in producing such precise instruments. Services and devices that depend on ECS Inc. include telecommunications equipment, common utilities, industrial processes and navigation systems. The company’s portfolio of frequency controlled products has such an expansive reach, one way or another, we are all likely to come into contact with their components in the electronics we interact with on a regular basis.

As a Global Leader in Manufacturing Components for the IoT, ECS was featured in a four minute segment that aired on the FOX Business Network. In this edition of Modern Business, Mike Ditka shares insights on ECS Inc. and presents their philosophy as well as their goals for the future. Here, he discusses everything from the specific process behind the production of these technical components to their vast array of applications relating to today’s industry standards.



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