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TT Electronics - Optek Technology


The OPB9001 PCB modules includes the versatile OPB9000 reflective sensor and eliminates the need for peripheral circuitry like voltage regulators, resistors and capacitors. The OPB9001 series reflective sensor detects objects as far away as 50 mm using standard 90% reflective material, and can detect objects as small as 2.5 mm, depending on the object distance.




The OPB9001 PCB module takes the versatile and programmable OPB9000 reflective sensor and enhances its capabilities by integrating multiple features into a robust, small form factor for ease of use. The OPB9001 accepts a wide range of supply voltages from 3.3V to 30V and comes with built-in voltage protection for maximum flexibility and protection. An integrated, industry standard 4-pin Molex connector provides ease of connection while the onboard LED indicators provide overall status during power-on, output and calibration.

The OPB9001 is designed for portability in a variety of position and presence detect applications, with a small form factor (188mm x 12mm x 5mm) to fit in even the smallest application spaces.

Additional Features:
  • 6ms response time
  • Wide operating supply voltage range
    - 4.5 V to 30 V (OPB9001A/AC)
    - 4.5 V to 24 V (OPB9001B)
    - 3.3 V to 5.5 V ( OPB9001C)
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Single-command calibration with on-chip EPROM
  • Temperature-compensated LED drive
  • Eliminate the need for external drive circuitry

Factory calibrated for a 12 mm distance and a white reflective surface the OPB9001 can be re-calibrated in a matter of milliseconds with a single command for specific application requirements. An interface cable can be purchased separately to calibrate the OPB9001 Series using the OPB9000-KIT.

The product has been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements as determined by CE and EMC directives, providing for increased ESD and EMI immunity.

  • Non-contact position presence applications
  • Industrial printing and high-speed paper detection
  • Manufacturing and Factory automation
  • Automated sewing machines
  • Automated banking machines
  • Medical equipment
  • Automatic dispensing
  • Material handling and asset tracking