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More Information on Infrared Detector...

What is an Infrared detector?

An infrared detector is a transducer of radiant energy that converts radiant energy in the infrared into a measurable form. An infrared detector is a detector which reacts to infrared radiation. The two main types of IR detectors are thermal detectors and photodetectors. The response time and sensitivity of a photodetector can be higher, but they generally have to be cooled in order to cut thermal noise. The materials in these photodetectors are semiconductors with narrow band gaps.

Types of Infrared Detectors

There are many different kinds of infrared detectors. At Future Electronics we stock many of the most common types categorized by wavelength, bandwidth, angle of half sensitivity, power dissipation, maximum CE voltage, packaging type and collector current. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.

The most common sizes for wavelength are 880 nm, 935 nm and 940 nm. We also carry infrared detector chips with wavelength up to 940 m. Power dissipation can range from 50 mW to 300 mW, with the most common sizes being 75 mW, 100 mW, 215 mW and 250 mW.

Infrared Detectors from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full selection of photodetectors (infrared detectors) from several manufacturers that can be used for a photodetector chip, IR motion detector, infrared detector card, IR detector circuit, infrared heat detector, passive infrared detector, infrared light detector, IR emitter and detector, infrared flame detector or any other photodetector (infrared detector) circuit. Simply choose from the infrared detector technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed in order to match your specific infrared detector application needs.

If you have a preferred photodetector brand, we deal with several manufacturers such as Fairchild, Optek, Vishay or ROHM Semiconductor, among others. You can easily refine your infrared detector product search results by clicking your preferred infrared detector brand below from our list of manufacturers.

Applications for Infrared Detectors:

Infrared detectors can be used for a variety of applications in the military, scientific, security, medical, industrial and automotive areas. Common applications using infrared detectors include rail safety, gas leak detection, flame detection, alcohol level testing for DUI’s, anaesthesiology testing, petroleum exploration, space operations, temperature sensing, water and steel analysis. Also, thermal night vision goggles collect infrared radiation particles by sensing the emitted heat and using these particles in order to create a picture. The picture appears in different colors depending on the heat of these IR particles. IR detectors assist night driving, night flying and night surveillance, sleep lab monitoring, wildlife observation and search and rescue missions. Infrared motion detectors are used in home alarm systems. Law enforcement officials can also use IR detectors to help them find criminals that may be hiding in dark areas.

Choosing the Right Infrared Detector:

When you are looking for the right infrared detectors, with the FutureElectronics.com parametric search, you can filter the results by various attributes: by Wavelength, (470 nm, 880 nm, 935 nm, 940 nm,…), Power Dissipation (75 mW, 100 mW, 215 mW, 250 mW,…), Maximum CE Voltage (0.4 V to 70 V) and Angle of Half Sensitivity (from ± 10o to 90o) to name a few. You will be able to find the right infrared detector chip from several photodetector manufacturers that can be used for a photodector chip, IR detector circuit, infrared heat detector, IR motion detector, infrared detector card, passive infrared detector, infrared light detector, infrared flame detector, IR emitter and detector or any other photodetector (infrared detector) circuit.

Infrared Detectors in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity of photodetector infrared detectors that you require is less than a full reel, we offer customers many of our infrared detector products in tube, tray or individual quantities that will help you avoid unneeded surplus.

In addition, Future Electronics offers clients a unique bonded inventory program that is designed to eliminate potential problems that could arise from an unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and products with long or erratic lead times. Talk with your nearest Future Electronics branch and find out more on how you and your company can avoid possible shortages.