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Future Electronics


“What is the Maple Candy?“

Maple Candy!! The best demo kit to get engineers attention and start the discussion on the RL78 and how a supplier like Renesas can be part of your complete solution. Why Maple Candy? Because the RL78 is so low power that you will need a sugar boost, or the RL78 is “sweet” to work with.

Future Electronics’ Design Center created this new multiple applications platform featuring Renesas RL78/L1A as well as their analog and power devices. The main purpose is to demonstrate the analog capability of the RL78 while showing the connectivity using the Renesas BLE solution. The kit will be preloaded with a demo program and Android and iOS apps will be available to communicate with the Maple Candy. The demo includes 3.3V DAC and ADC, 10V DAC and ADC, a Metal detector circuitry and a 4-20mA input, and to complete the kit, we also designed a moisture sensor which is part of each demo kit.

The Maple Candy will introduce the RL78 with its development tool suite. With all the available peripherals and standard expansion headers like MikroBUS and Pmod the Maple Candy can be transformed in a development platform. This offers engineers the capability of developing other applications in a very short time.


Key Components on Board

Introducing Big Maple Candy with the side-kick Little Maple Candy