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Microchip — LAN8670/1/2 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHY Transceivers

The LAN8670/1/2 is a high-performance 10BASE-T1S single-pair Ethernet PHY transceiver for 10 Mbit/s half-duplex networking over a single pair of conductors.

Utilizing standard Ethernet technology in sensor/ actuator networks reduces application costs by eliminating gateways necessary with legacy networking technologies.

The ability to connect multiple PHYs onto a common mixing segment further saves implementation costs by reducing cabling and switch ports. The LAN8670/1/2 is designed for use in high-reliability cost sensitive automotive, industrial, building automation, and sensor/actuator applications.


Target Applications

  • In-vehicle networking and automotive zonal
  • Sensor/actuator networks
  • Industrial control cabinets and machine control
  • Building automation
  • LED lighting


  • High-performance 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHY designed according to IEEE Std 802.3cg™ -2019
    • 10 Mbit/s over single balanced pair
    • Half-duplex multidrop mixing segments up to at least 25m with up to at least 8 PHYs
    • Half-duplex point-to-point link segments up to at least 15m
  • Media Independent Interface (MII) and Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII)
  • Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) media access control
  • Small footprint 24-pin (4 x 4 mm), 32-pin (5 x 5 mm), and 36-pin (6 x 6 mm) VQFN packages with wettable flanks
  • -40°C to +125°C extended temperature range
  • Physical Layer Collision Avoidance (PLCA)
    • Allows for high bandwidth utilization by avoiding collisions on the medium
    • Burst mode for transmission of multiple packets for latency-sensitive applications
    • Minimize latency for time-sensitive applications by assigning multiple PLCA IDs per node
  • Application Controlled Media Access (ACMA) for implementation of collision-free Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) methods
  • IEEE Std 802.1AS™ / IEEE 1588™ application support
    • Enables high-precision clock recovery with ultralow jitter for microcontrollers without Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) support
  • Credit-based traffic shaping
  • EtherGREEN™ Energy Efficiency
    • Low power 10BASE-T1S PHY operation
    • Ultra-low power sleep mode
    • Wake up triggered by either MDI activity or local WAKE_IN
    • WAKE_OUT pulse assertion
    • INH output for enable/disable of ECU supply
  • Cable fault (open/short) diagnostics and Signal Quality Indication (SQI) support
  • Over-temperature and under-voltage detection
  • Single 3.3V supply with integrated 1.8V regulator
  • Enhanced electromagnetic compatibility / electromagnetic interference (EMC/EMI) performance
    • Low RF emissions
    • Digital output drive strength adjust
    • Robust against injected currents and network cable shorts to ground or battery
    • Simple low cost bus interface network
  • AEC-Q100 qualification
  • Functional Safety Support (ISO 26262, ASIL B)
  • ISO 26262 compliant development
  • Functional Safety Package, including Safety Manual, FMEDA, and Dependent Failure Analysis (DFA)


LAN8670/1/2 Family of 10BASE-T1S PHYs

The Microchip LAN8670, LAN8671 and LAN8672 Ethernet PHY and Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY) transceivers are high-performance, small-footprint devices enabling connections to standard systems of low-speed devices, including sensors and actuators, that previously required their own communication systems.

You can use this family of products to expand all-Ethernet infrastructures in most OT, IT and automotive systems to the edges of the network. These devices eliminate the need for gateways that were previously needed to interconnect incompatible communication systems. The single pair of wires reduces cost, while the multidrop bus architecture reduces the need for switch ports and enhances scalability. Several nodes can operate on the same bus line with high data throughput.

Key Highlights

  • Ethernet Architecture All the Way to the Edge of the Network
    • Consolidates a variety of buses that require specialized electrical interfaces, specialized protocols and custom software stacks
    • Eliminates the need for gateways to move data to various levels of the network architecture
    • Provides for scalable bandwidth
    • Uses widely deployed and proven security methods where needed
  • Multidrop Bus
    • Reduces the number of switch ports
    • Requires fewer cables, connectors and PHYs
  • MII or RMII Interfaces
    • Attach to a variety of microprocessors (MPUs), microcontrollers (MCUs) and switches

Key Applications

  • Automotive and industrial zonal architectures
  • In-vehicle networks
  • Sensor/actuator networks operating at high bandwidth
  • Industrial control cabinets and machine control
  • Factory, process and building automation
  • Consolidation of multiple buses (field buses, CAN, RS-485 and more) into an Ethernet architecture

LAN8670 Block Diagram

LAN8670 Block Diagram


Evaluation boards for the LAN8670/1/2 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHYs

The LAN8670/1/2 10BASE-T1S Ethernet PHYs are supported with the EVB-LAN8670-RMII, EVB-LAN8670-USB as shown below.

EVB-LAN8670-RMII Evaluation Board

Key Features

  • RMII to 10BASE-T1S interface card
  • Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII)
  • Connects to MCUs offering RMII
  • Connects to Microchip MCU evaluation boards
  • Screw terminal for direct cable connection
  • Configurable on-board termination

EVB-LAN8670-USB Evaluation Board

Key Features

  • USB to 10BASE-T1S interface card
  • Connects to a USB host
  • Screw terminal for direct cable connection
  • Configurable on-board termination