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Monolithic Power Systems


Monolithic Power Systems Surface-mounted Power Inductors

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) surface-mounted power inductors are designed for applications ranging from power supply to power converters. The molded and semi-shielded series inductors comprise inductance ranges from 0.33 μH to 22 μH and saturation current ranges from 0.8 A to 64 A.

  • Designed for optimal performance with MPS ICs and provide an easy, complete power solution
  • Highly efficient molded and semi-shielded options, with operating temperatures up to 155°C
  • Include a wide range of specifications and sizes that cover use cases across our entire portfolio of ICs

Optimized Semi-Shielded Inductors for MPS Products

The MPL-SE semi-shielded power inductors are shielded by an external magnetic epoxy resin for better magnetic characteristics. Their design offers a lower DCR and higher current capabilities.

  • Semi-Shielded Construction:Low Stray Field
  • Low Resistance: High Current Capability
  • Wide Value Ranges and Sizes
Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) Semi-Shielded Inductors


Optimized Molded Inductors for MPS Products

The molded series (MPL-AT / AY / AL) includes molded magnetic-shielded power inductors that offer soft saturation due to their molded design, delivering a stable high-temperature behavior. Their molded construction decreases the audible noise generated from alternating currents and pulse wave frequencies.

  • Molded Construction: Magnetically Shielded
  • Low Resistance: High Current Capability
  • Best Performance: High Efficiency
Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) Molded Inductors


MPS Inductor Evaluation Board

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) Inductor Evaluation Board