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onsemi NCP51100A Single 2 A High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver

The onsemi NCP51100 2 A gate driver is designed to drive an N channel enhancement-mode MOSFET in low-side switching applications by providing high peak current pulses during the short switching intervals. The driver is available with TTL input thresholds. Internal circuitry provides an under-voltage lockout function by holding the output LOW until the supply voltage is within the operating range.

The NCP51100 delivers fast MOSFET switching performance, which helps maximize efficiency in high frequency power converter designs. NCP51100 drivers incorporate MillerDrive™ architecture for the final output stage. This bipolar-MOSFET combination provides high peak current during the Miller plateau stage of the MOSFET turn-on / turn-off process to minimize switching loss, while providing rail-to-rail voltage swing and reverse current capability. The NCP51100 is available in industry standard, 5-pin, SOT23.


  • 3 A Peak Sink/Source at VDD = 12 V
  • 4.5 to 18 V Operating Range
  • 2.5 A Sink / 1.8 A Source at Vout = 6 V
  • Dual-Logic Inputs Allow Configuration as Non-Inverting or Inverting with Enable Function
  • Internal Resistors Turn Driver Off If No Inputs
  • 14ns Typical Rise Time and 10ns Typical Fall-Time with 1nF Load
  • TTL input thresholds
  • MillerDrive™ Technology
  • Typical Propagation Delay Time Under 20ns with Input Falling or rising
  • 5-Pin SOT23 Packages
  • Rated from –40°C to 125°C Ambient


  • Air conditioner PFC
  • Switch−Mode Power Supplies
  • High−Efficiency MOSFET Switching
  • Synchronous Rectifier Circuits
  • Motor Control


  • High current capability

End Products

  • Air conditioner, SMPS, Motor products


NCP51100 Internal Block Diagram

onsemi — NCP51100 Internal Block Diagram


NCP51100 Typical Application

onsemi — NCP51100 Typical Application


onsemi NCP51100 EVB Single 2A Low-Side Gate Driver Evaluation Board

This NCP51100 EVB is a proposed solution for the high speed dual gate driver using the NCP51100. This user kit also includes information regarding operating procedures, input/output connections, an electrical schematic, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, and a bill of material (BOM) for the evaluation board.

onsemi — NCP51100 EVB Single 2A Low-Side Gate Driver Evaluation Board
NCP51100 EVB User's Manual

Key Features:

  • Industry−Standard Pinouts
  • 11 V to 18 V Operating Range
  • 3 A Peak Sink/Source at VDD = 12 V
  • 2.5 A Sink / 1.8 A Source at VOUT = 6 V
  • 14 ns / 7 ns Typical Rise/Fall Times (1 nF Load)
  • Under 20 ns Typical Propagation Delay Time
  • MillerDrive Technology
  • 5−Lead SOT23 Package
  • Rated from –40°C to +125°C Ambient