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Renesas DA14592 Multi-Core Bluetooth® LE 5.2 System-on-Chip (SoC)

Featuring Embedded Flash

The Renesas DA14592 is a mid-range Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) System-on-Chip (SoC) that offers the lowest power consumption and smallest solution footprint in its class.

This SoC features multi-core processing (Arm® Cortex®-M33™, Arm Cortex-M0+) and includes on-chip memory (RAM/ROM/Flash) sized to support a broad range of applications while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Typical applications include connected medical devices, asset tracking, human interface devices, metering systems, PoS readers, and crowdsourced location (CSL) tracking.

The DA14592 also includes a high-precision sigma-delta ADC, up to 32 GPIOs, and a QSPI for external memory (Flash or RAM) expansion, which is uncommon for this class of Bluetooth LE SoC.

The Renesas DA14592 helps to maintain a low radio power consumption by leveraging its new low-power mode, enabling a radio transmit current of only 2.3mA at 0dBm and a radio receive current of 1.2mA. The SoC supports an ultra-low hibernation current of 90nA, which extends the shelf-life of end-products shipped with a connected battery. For products that require extensive application processing, it also boasts an ultra-low active current of 34µA/MHz.

The DA14592 System-on-Chip (SoC) by Renesas typically requires only 6 external components, delivering best-in-class eBOM and offering the lowest solution cost and size. Its high accuracy on-chip RCX removes the need for an external, sleep mode crystal with most applications only requiring a 32MHz crystal. Package options include WLCSP (3.32mm x 2.48mm) and FCQFN (5.1mm x 4.3mm) offering an attractively small solution footprint. Additionally, it comes with a comprehensive suite of support tools, programming examples, Renesas' professionally staffed support forum, and industry-leading customer technical support.


  • Dual-core: Cortex-M33F at 64MHz as application core, Cortex-M0+ at 64MHz as configurable MAC
  • Receive sensitivity -97dBm, Transmit +6dBm
  • 96kB RAM (+16kB Cache), 256kB Flash, 288kB ROM (incl. stack), QSPI external Flash/RAM expansion
  • 8-ch, 15-bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Power consumption: RadioRx = 1.2mA, RadioTx = 2.3mA, Active = 34µA/MHz, Hibernation = 90nA
  • Only requires 6 external components
  • Package: WLCSP (3.32 x 2.48mm), FCQFN (5.1 x 4.3mm)
  • Security: Secure key storage, secure boot
  • Quad-decoder (active in hibernation)


  • Crowdsourced location tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Connected health
  • Human interface device
  • Activity tracker
  • Instrumentation for Light Electric Vehicles
  • Toys
  • Data logger
  • Point-of-Sale (PoS) reader
  • Metering
  • High-end voice remote control unit (RCU)
  • IoT end node