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Future Connectivity Solutions

Sense + Connect + Control

In order to grow, distribution must continually evolve and differentiate; the current demand for seamless connectivity is providing that stimulus.

To provide a real differentiator, distribution must go far beyond traditional component-level technical support and provide support for the whole business delivering unexpected value.

The model adopted by Future Connectivity Solutions (FCS) is that of technology integrator. Rather than focusing just on adding value to customers’ products, FCS focuses on adding value to customers’ business by showing how emerging technologies can create enhanced efficiency, productivity and new revenue streams.

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Asset Tracking: IoT Solutions – Asset Tracking Smart City: IoT Solutions – Smart
Smart Industry: IoT Solutions – Smart Factory Smart Farming: IoT Solutions – Smart
Smart Health: IoT Solutions – Smart Health Smart Home: IoT Solutions – Smart

Key areas for growth will be:

  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Intelligent buildings
  • M2M infrastructure

The ‘Internet of Things’ continues to fuel demand. To capitalize on this vast potential, customers will need a supplier who can do more than simply sell them hardware; they will need a partner who can also supply a complete package of services.

Future Connectivity Solutions is ready to be this partner for our customers and move beyond traditional technical distribution by providing modular solutions, software and complementary services which are the building blocks of new revenue streams.


Our Technologies

Our vision is to be known as the leading provider of communication and connectivity services, being recognized for our ability to support customers through their entire product cycle within the low power wireless arena:

IoT Solutions - Antennas IoT Solutions - Bluetooth
IoT Solutions - Cellular IoT Solutions - GNSS/GPS
IoT Solutions - LoRa IoT Solutions - LPWA
IoT Solutions - NFMI IoT Solutions - RFID/NFC
FCS Services – Sensors IoT Solutions – Wi-Fi
IoT Solutions - 802.15.4  

Our current market-leading portfolio of products will continue to be enhanced with complimentary and innovative devices to ensure we can fulfill any requirement. From the Body Area Network to the Wireless Wide Area Networks through strong partnerships and system design capabilities, we will offer our customers a complete ecosystem to support their design requirements.

  • Embedded Solutions
  • Module Solutions
  • Custom Hardware and Software
  • Development & Evaluation Tools
  • ODM, Test and Certification
  • RF & Wireless Technical Expertise and Support