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MLX92213 1.6-3.6 V 10 mA MicroPower & Low-Voltage Hall Effect Latch REEL UTQFN-6

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Nom du fabricant: Melexis
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Product Specification Section
Melexis MLX92213ELD-AAA-000-RE - Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Type: Hall Switch / Latch
Output Current: 10mA
Supply Voltage: 1.6V to 3.6V
Supply Current: 36µA
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
Fonctionnalités et applications

Melexis has developed the capability to produce world class, value driven, innovative products. Industry leading innovation in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices and microcontrollers provide customers with competitive advantage in system cost, capability and flexibility.

Melexis offers award winning solutions in many other areas than just Automotive. Our customers in the consumer products, industrial and wireless areas use Melexis products with impressive results. Technology development in RF and RFID components has enabled Melexis customers to achieve their product development goals on time, in budget and with sustainable profit margins. Micro-machined silicon technology coupled with Melexis mixed signal design has yielded infrared thermometers, accelerometers and pressure sensors that opened new opportunities for our customers in leading edge systems for cars, appliances, industrial machinery and consumer goods. Integrated Hall effect fan drivers allow customers to win business in the latest computer, gaming and entertainment systems worldwide. Cell phones, handheld remote controls, battery charging controllers are a few demanding mixed signal and sensing applications currently benefiting from Melexis semiconductor expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Melexis is also the world’s leading manufacturer of fully protected microcontrollers with sensor compatible interfaces.

The MLX92213 features an ultra-sensitive Hall-effect Latch operating from 1.6V to 3.6V. The output is a “Push-Pull” type so that an external pull-up resistor is not needed for proper operation, hence reducing PCB component count.

The device is primarily targeting battery-operated application. As the famous Melexis Hall-Effect Omnipolar Switch MLX90248, the MLX92213 employs an awake/sleep strategy to reduce its power consumption versus a standard Hall-Effect latch sensor.
The magnetic flux density is periodically evaluated against predefined thresholds. If the flux density is above/below the BOP/BRP thresholds, then the Output changes its state accordingly. During the Sleep mode the Output is latched in its previous state. The design has been optimized for applications requiring extended operating lifetime in battery-powered systems.

The MLX92213 provides also a dedicated "Enable" pin, adding flexibility by enabling external control of the Micropower Period and Duty Cycle. Driving the Enable pin to low state, the device enters into a standby mode with an ultra-low current consumption. The device can therefore be virtually switched off with a simple logical signal to save even more power.

The Push-pull Output of the MLX92213 will be latched in Low state in the presence of a sufficiently strong South magnetic field (B > BOP) facing the marked side of the package. The Output will be latched in High state in the presence of a sufficiently strong North magnetic field (B < BRP).

This Micropower Hall-effect Latch is an ideal solution for use in speed and direction detection application based on multipole magnet assembly for portable or low-power devices.

 Features and Benefits

  • Operating Voltage from 1.6 to 3.6V
  • Latching Output Behavior
  • Micropower Consumption (48uA@3V ; 36uA@1.8V)
  • Advanced Power Manageability through dedicated “Enable” pin
  • Ultra High Sensitivity Hall Sensor
  • Push-Pull Output
  • Minuature & Ultra Thin CSP package (2mm x 1.5mm ; 0.4mm thickness)
  • “Green” and “Pb-Free” Compliant Package

MLX92213ELD is a 10mA, 1.6 - 3.6V, Ultra High Sensitivity, Micropower, Hall-Effect Latch. MLX92213ELD comes in

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