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Hirose Electric


Hirose Electric U.FL Series Coaxial Connectors

A wide range of adapters available

The Hirose Electric U.FL series is an ultra-small surface-mount coaxial connector that is widely accepted as a standard in the industry featuring its nominal mated height of 2.5 mm max and small mounting area of 3.0 mm by 3.1 mm.

The U.FL series also meets the frequency requirements of a wide variety of miniature devices. These connectors offer high-frequency performance from DC to 6 GHz. The characteristic impedance is 50 ohms.

The receptacles can be placed with vacuum nozzles of the automatic-placement equipment. Plugs are terminated with ultra-fine coaxial cable. The use of available extraction tools assures correct disconnection of the plug and receptacle. The U.FL series by Hirose features a tactile click sensation that confirms the fully-mated condition. A wide variety of conversion adapters are available for this series.

Thanks to the above capabilities, the connectors are specially designed to provide a compact and reliable connection in tight spaces in addition to their strong performance.

  • Mated Height (1.9mm to 2.4mm NOM)
  • Receptacle: Small and lightweight
  • Frequency: Can be used with both U.FL(A) and U.FL
  • Plug compatible with ultra-fine coaxial cable
  • Various accessories: Plug insertion/extraction tools, adapter, and more
  • Tactile mating: Click sensation for fully mated condition
  • Environmental compatibility: Halogen free, ROHS2 compatible
  • Wireless LAN Devices (Wi-Fi 6)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Car navigation
  • Drone
  • PDA
  • GPS
  • Wireless transmission devices
  • Electronic measuring devices