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Infineon OptiMOS™5 Power MOSFET Family

60 V automotive grade product family targeting 12 V and 24 V applications

Introducing Infineon’s OptiMOS™5 Power MOSFET Family, a new front-end technology which comes in two leadless packages, the 5x6mm2 SSO8 and 3x3 mm2 S3O8.

These new OptiMOS™5 MOSFETs deliver more power and leading performance with reduced conduction losses and optimization for drivers and power conversion automotive applications. AEC-Q101 qualified, the OptiMOS™5 MOSFETs provide an improved EMC behavior with the CiSS and COSS being reduced by 70 percent, compared to the previous technology.

SSO8 Package

The SSO8 (PG-TDSON-8) package offers up to 120 A continuous current ratings, which is 20 percent higher than the standard DPAK at almost half of its footprint area. The footprint area of SSO8 is 33 mm2 while the DPAK’s is 65 mm2. The new generation of the SSO8 package enables superior switching performance and EMI behavior due to very low package inductance (≈ 4x lower package inductivity vs traditional packages e.g. DPAK, D2PAK) by using the new copper-clip inter-contact technology.

S3O8 Package

The S3O8 (PG-TSDSON-8) package is suitable for very compact and robust automotive system solutions. The footprint of this package is less than 11mm2 providing high current capability of up to 40A. Additionally, this package provides reduced package inductances and package parasitics as well as an improved solder contact area.

The new OptiMOS™5 60V MOSFET family is suitable for several 12V and 24V automotive applications, especially DC/DC, LED lighting, Wireless charging and all CAV (Commercial, construction and Agricultural Vehicles with a 24V board net) applications.

OptiMOS™5 Features

  • Lower package resistance and inductance
  • Small 5x6 mm² footprint of the leadless SSO8 package (PGTDSON-8)
  • Small 3x3 mm² footprint of the leadless S3O8 package (PGTSDSON-8)
  • Excellent thermal performance

OptiMOS™5 Key Highlights

  • Extended automotive qualification (beyond AEC-Q101)
  • Excellent thermal performance in compact form factor
  • Low gate charge and Qrr for reduced switching losses
  • 20% higher current capability (SSO8 vs. DPAK)


  • DC/DC
  • LED lighting
  • Wireless charging
  • ADAS
  • CAV (24V) applications