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Microchip AVR64DD32 Family of Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Features the well-known AVR® CPU

Microchip’s AVR® DD family of microcontrollers feature the well-known AVR® CPU, now running at up to 24 MHz across the full supply voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V.

The microcontrollers include 16 KB, 32 KB, and 64 KB Flash variants in 14 to 32-pin package options. The AVR® DD family is designed to bring real-time control and multi-voltage operation to applications including industrial control, home appliance products, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT).

The family uses the latest Core Independent Peripherals with low-power features and 5V operation for increased noise immunity. The Multi-Voltage I/O system allows safe bi-directional communication with systems running at a different voltage. The Event System, Configurable Custom Logic (CCL), along with intelligent analog peripherals like 12-bit differential ADC, Zero-Cross Detect (ZCD), 10-bit DAC together with the MVIO makes the AVR® DD family well suited for sensor applications, IoT end nodes, and other applications where signal conditioning or level-shifting is needed.

This product is recommended for safety-critical applications targeting industrial and automotive products (IEC 61508 and ISO 26262). Necessary documentation, such as the FMEDA report and a Safety Manual, can be provided on request. Certified development tools are also available for this product.


  • Functional Safety
    • IEC 60730 Class B library (UL certified)
    • ISO 26262 FMEDA
    • ISO 26262 Safety Manual
  • High-Performance AVR RISC CPU with Hardware Multiplier
    • Running up to 24 MHz
    • External High-Frequency Oscillator
    • Single Cycle I/O Access
    • Two-level Interrupt Controller
    • Sleep Modes: Idle, Standby, Power-down
    • Multi-Voltage I/O (MVIO)
    • Event System (EVSYS)
    • Configurable Custom Logic (CCL)
    • Single pin programming and debugging interface (UPDI)
  • Analog Features
    • 12-bit Differential Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
    • 10-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) with Output Buffer
    • Zero-Cross Detector (ZCD)
    • Analog Comparator


  • Timer/Counters
    • Timer/Counter type A (TCA)
    • Timer/Counter type B (TCB)
    • Timer/Counter type D (TCD) for control applications
  • Communication
    • Serial communication interfaces: USART, SPI, I2C
  • Built-in Safety Functions
    • Clock Failure Detection (CFD)
    • Power-On Reset (POR)
    • Brown-Out-Detection (BOD)
    • Voltage Level Monitor (VLM)
    • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Scan
    • Window Watchdog Timer with Window Mode (WWDT)



868 MHz RN2483 LoRa™ Technology Mote


The RN2483 LoRa® Mote is a LoRaWAN™ Class A end-device based on the RN2483 LoRa modem. As a standalone battery-powered node, the Mote provides a convenient platform to quickly demonstrate the long-range capabilities of the modem, as well as to verify inter-operability when connecting to LoRaWAN v1.0 compliant gateways and infrastructure.

Package Contents

  • RN2483 LoRa® Technology Mote
  • SMA Antenna
  • USB (standard-A to mini-B) cable
  • Info Sheet DS50002391
  • Pack List