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Microchip PAC1931/2/3/4 Single/Multi-Channel DC Power/Energy Monitor

Featuring real-time calibration with no input filters required

Microchip’s PAC193x series features one, two, three and four-channel devices enabling energy monitoring with integration periods from 1 ms up to 36 hours or longer.

The PAC193 family’s bus voltage, sense resistor voltage and accumulated proportional power are stored in registers for retrieval by the system master or Embedded Controller. A high-voltage multiplexer sequentially connects the inputs to a bus voltage monitor and current sense amplifier that feed high-resolution ADCs. Digital circuitry performs power calculations and energy accumulation.

The sampling rate and energy integration period can be controlled over SMBus or I2C. Active channel selection, one-shot measurements and other controls are also configurable by SMBus or I2C.

The whole series uses real-time calibration to minimize offset and gain errors. No input filters are required for this device.


PAC193x Series Features

  • High-Side Current Monitor with One, Two, Three or Four Channels
  • Wide Bus Voltage Range for Voltage Monitor
  • Real Time Auto-Calibration of Offset and Gain Errors for Voltage and Current, No User Adjustment Required
  • 1% Power Measurement Accuracy over a Wide Dynamic Range
  • On-Chip Accumulation of 28-bit Power Results for Energy Measurement
  • 2.7V to 5.5V Supply Operation
  • SMBus® Address – 16 Options, set with Resistor
  • No Input Filters Required
  • ALERT on accumulator overflow & on Conversion Complete
  • 4 × 4 × 0.5 mm UQFN Package
  • 2.225 × 2.17 mm WLCSP Package



  • Embedded Computing
  • Networking
  • FPGA Systems
  • Automotive
  • Low Voltage/High Power – AI, GPU
  • Industrial
  • Linux® Applications
  • Notebook and Tablet Computing
  • Cloud, Linux® and Server Computing
  • Optical Networking Modules


Microchip PAC193x Device Block Diagram


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