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onsemi NCV77320 Inductive Position Sensor Interface

The key to accurate measurement

The onsemi NCV77320 inductive position sensor interface that enables a system to measure angular or linear positions accurately and in combination with a PCB.

With the operating principle of the inductive sensor based on mutual inductance, the NCV77320 chip contains an excitation source, which generates an AC magnetic field through a primary coil on the PCB. The field mutually couples to the rotor, while the rotor on its turn induces voltages in secondary coils. These voltages, measured by the chip, depend on the rotor position and give a measure for the position.

The NCV77320 by onsemi contains 3 interfaces:

  • A single ended analog output
  • An SENT interface with fast and slow channel
  • An SPI channel for direct interconnection to a micro controller

The analog output is proportionally ratio metric with the supply voltage. The NCV77320 has several fault detection circuitries. When a fault is detected, fault flags are set and available for readout.


  • Integrated DSP Position Calculation with Flexible 15 Point Linearization
  • Diagnostics, Including for Missing Wire / Wire Misconnection Tolerant
  • Analog Output or SENT Output Configurable
  • Temperature Sensor Embedded
  • SPI Watchdog Feature
  • Supply Voltage 5 V; −15 V to 30 V Tolerant Robustness


  • Flexible SPI Operation with 3.3 V or 5 V Micro Controllers
  • Maximum Rotational Speed of 10800 rpm
  • Operating Ambient Temperature −40 to 150°
  • Developed According to the Automotive Safety Standard ISO26262
  • These Devices are Pb−Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant


  • Angular Position Sensors Up to 360°
  • Linear Position Sensors
  • Automotive/High temperature position sensing
  • Robotics
  • HVAC/White goods
  • Motor Control
  • Body electronics

End Products

  • Pedal Position, Throttle Position, Chassis Height, Actuators Position Feedback etc.
  • Lever Position, Linear Actuator, Level Sensors etc.