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Renesas RA4M3 Series MCU

100MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 TrustZone®, High Integration with Rich Connectivity

The Renesas RA4M3 group of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) uses the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M33 core with TrustZone. In combination with the Secure Crypto engine, the MCUs offer secure element functionality.

The RA4M3 is built on a highly efficient 40nm process and is supported by an open and flexible ecosystem concept—the Flexible Software Package (FSP), built on FreeRTOS—and is expandable to use other RTOSes and middleware. The RA4M3 is suitable for IoT applications requiring vast communication options, future proof security, large embedded RAM, and low active power consumption down to 119µA/MHz running the CoreMark® algorithm from Flash.

The Renesas RA4M3 features the leading-performance 100 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 core, 1 MB code flash memory, 128 KB SRAM (64 KB parity, 64 KB ECC), Block SWAP function, Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit, USB 2.0 Full-Speed, SDHI, Quad SPI, a wealth of security and safety features, along with advanced analog with two 12-Bit ADC units.

RA4M3 Features

  • 100 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 with Trustzone
  • 1 MB Flash Memory and 128kB SRAM (64kB w ECC)
  • 8kB DataFlash to store data as in EEPROM
  • 1kB Stand-by SRAM
  • Scalable from 64pin to 144pin packages
  • Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit
  • USB2.0 Full Speed
  • CAN 2.0B
  • SCI (UART, Simple SPI, Simple I2C)
  • SPI/ I2C Multimaster interface
  • SDHI /QSPI / SSI/Serial Sound Interface


  • Integrated Security Crypto Module with several cryptography accelerators, key management support, tamper detection and power analysis resistance.
  • Highly power efficient with 80uA/MHz in Active Mode, 0.7mA Standby current and fast wakeup times from standby (30us)
  • Large 128 kB embedded SRAM with Parity / ECC and also 1kB standby RAM for low power apps and strong safety


  • Security (Fire Detection, Burglar Detection, Panel control)
  • Metering (Electricity, Automated Meter Reading)
  • Industry (Robotics, Door Openers, Sewing Machines, Vending machines, UPS)
  • HVAC (Heating, Air Conditioning, Boiler Control)
  • General purpose


RA6M3 Block Diagram


Renesas - RA4M3 Block Diagram


RA4M3 MCU Group Evaluation Board


The EK-RA4M3 evaluation kit enables users to effortlessly evaluate the features of the RA4M3 MCU Group and develop embedded systems applications using Renesas' Flexible Software Package (FSP) and e2 studio IDE. Utilize rich on-board features along with your choice of popular ecosystem add-ons to bring your big ideas to life.

EK-RA4M3 Features

  • Special Feature Access
    • 32MB external Quad-SPI Flash
  • MCU Native Pin Access
    • 100MHz, Arm Cortex®-M32 core
    • 1MB Code Flash, 128KB SRAM
    • 144 pins, LQFP package
    • Native pin access through prototype friendly male headers
    • MCU and USB current measurement points
  • Ecosystem & System Control Access
    • USB Full Speed host and device
    • Multiple 5V input sources
      • USB (debug, Full Speed)
      • External power supply
    • Debug modes
      • Debug on-board (SWD)
      • Debug In (ETM, SWD and JTAG)
      • Debug Out (SWD)
  • User LEDs and buttons
    • Three user LEDs (red, blue, green)
    • Power LED (white) indicating availability of regulated power
    • Debug LED (yellow) indicating the debug connection
    • Two user buttons
    • One reset button
  • Five most popular ecosystem expansions
    • MikroElektronika™ mikroBUS connector
    • SparkFun® Qwiic® connector
    • Two SeeedGrove® system (I2C and analog) connectors
    • Two Digilent Pmod™ (SPI and UART) connectors
    • Arduino™ (Uno R3) connector
  • MCU boot configuration
RA4M3 MCU Group Evaluation Board


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