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Vishay Components for On-Board Charging Solutions

Enable higher power, efficiency and increased stability

To keep up with the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, Vishay component solutions play a major role in on-board chargers.

Engineered to elevate charging performance, our selection of Vishay capacitors, resistors, and other passives redefine reliability and efficiency in on-board charging technology.


Whether you need high operating voltage, high current capabilities or low ESR for rapid charging, Vishay capacitors are designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electric vehicles.


Precision is paramount, and Vishay's resistors provide the accuracy needed for precise current control in on-board chargers. Vishay’s resistors empower your charging system with stability and performance, ensuring a seamless charging experience.


For accurate isolation, opt for top-quality optocouplers by Vishay in your on-board charging designs. Known for safety & reliability, noise immunity, signal integrity and high-voltage operation, these devices are essential.

Choose Vishay for a transformative approach to on-board chargers, where every electronic component plays a crucial role in shaping the future of electric mobility. Experience the difference in performance, efficiency, and durability with Vishay's electronic components – the driving force behind the next generation of on-board chargers.