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Panasonic’s HE Relay Series use less operational power consumption through low coil holding voltages which can be implemented through pulse width modulation.

This is critical for energy conscious devices found in energy management applications. Panasonic’s HE Relays have high carry current capability which allows them, in certain applications, to replace traditional Contactors with related benefits to being smaller in size, less expensive, using less operating power, and being PCB mounted. Applications where Relays are being used to replace Contactors are becoming more common in designs for solar and industrial inverters as well as in UPS systems.


HE-S Relays


NXP – MC33771B

  • High-capacity and long life 35A 277V AC 5 x 104 (Long life type)
  • Compact size Low operating power : 1,880mw (holding power : 170mw)
  • Contact gap : 3.2mm (VDE0126 compliant)
  • Mirror contact mechanisms : Compliant with EN60947-4-1 mirror contact
  • Compact size 2a and 2a1b 35A power relays for energy management and industrial equipment HE-S RELAYS Power Relays (Over 2A)
Typical Applications
  • Photovoltaic power generation system
  • UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
  • Inverter
  • Industrial air conditioner
  • Industrial equipment





NXP – MC33771B

  • High capacity and compact size
  • Contact GAP
  • Contributes to energy saving in devices thanks to reduced coil hold voltage
  • High insulation and 10,000V surge breakdown voltage (between (Unit:mm) contacts and coil)
Typical Applications
  • Inverter (Solar and industrial)
  • UPS
  • Stationary charging stand





NXP – MC33771B

  • Compact size (L: 41.0 × W: 50.0 × H: 39.4 mm)
  • Contact arrangement: 2 Form A
  • Contributes to energy saving in devices thanks to reduced coil hold voltage Coil hold
Typical Applications
  • Photovoltaic power generation systems (PV inverters, PV combiners)
    - Suitable for NEC 2014 section 690.12 Rapid shut down
  • Battery charge and discharge systems
  • Inverter control, DC load control, etc


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