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Infineon 3-Phase Bridge Driver IC with Integrated Arm® Cortex® M3

Enables the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms

The Infineon TLE987x family addresses a wide range of smart 3-Phase Brushless DC motor control applications like auxiliary pumps and fans.

The TLE987x IC provides an unmatched level of integration and system cost to optimize the target application segments. In addition to this, Infineon’s TLE987x series offers scalability in terms of flash memory sizes and MCU system clock frequency supporting a wide range of motor control algorithms, either sensor-based or sensor-less. Moreover, the charge pump is capable to drive gate charges up to 150nC per MOSFET under limited conditions.

TLE987x uses the same MCU and peripherals as the TLE986x family, 2-Phase driver, enabling design synergies between DC and BLDC motor control applications.

Infineon – TLE987x Application Circuit

TLE987x Benefits

High system reliability

  • Extensive diagnostics and protections are embedded within the System-on-Chip
  • Both the Embedded Power IC and the external MOSFETs can be protected with a reverse polarity MOSFET
  • Monolithic integration minimizes PCB interconnections
  • Grade zero variants enable applications up to 175°C ambient

Reduced cost and space

  • Minimum number of external components reduce BOM cost, part placing, purchasing and handling, PCB sizing
  • Compatible software reduces design costs and enables cost efficient PCB thermal design
  • Data processing, actuation and sensing are integrated into a system-on-chip solution with 32 bit Arm® M3 processor

High system reliability

  • Due to the platform approach
    • Reduced development time
    • Temperature scalability
    • Solutions up to 1kW
  • Simplifies EMC design and improves the EMC performance with slope control
  • Pin and software compatible products both for brushless solutions

Energy saving

  • Offers intelligent power saving modes including stop and sleep mode, and supports energy management (on demand)
  • Intelligent motor control increases efficiency compared to relay based systems

Reference Design

Infineon currently provides 8 different reference designs for the TLE987x family, including the below examples:


1 kW engine cooling fan reference design powered by 12V vehicle battery

The reference design is an automotive 3-phase motor drive for engine cooling fan application using MOSFETs with a gatecharge > 100nC presents the current capability via the first worldwide integrated bridge driver capable to drive 1kW motors at 12V. The main components used in the reference are:

  • TLE9879QXW40: This device is a part of Embedded Power IC family and it is a single chip 3-phase motor driver, System-on-Chip (SoC) solution. It integrates an industry standard Arm® Cortex®-M3 core along with LIN transceiver, bridge driver and power supply, enabling the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms such as sensorless field-oriented control (FOC).
  • IAUA250N04S6N007: This is an OptiMOS™-6 40 V MOSFET in high-power leadless sTOLL package, providing higher current capability in smaller form factor of 7x8 mm² without sacrificing thermal performance. In combination with OptiMOS™-6 40 V power MOS technology, sTOLL offers best in class power density and power efficiency at Infineon’s well-known quality level for robust automotive packages.

The reference design is optimized in terms of EMC and thermal behaviour. Moreover, it includes comprehensive support material including layout and schematic files (Altium), EMC tests, thermal analysis and detailed documentation.

Infineon – 1 kW engine cooling fan reference design


Take your design to the next level and fast-track your time-to-market with Infineon’s 1 kW engine cooling fan reference design.

Summary of Features

  • Up to 1 kW power capability for 12V automotive cooling fan applications
  • Optimized BOM and PCB size (ø100mm)
  • Optimized thermal behavior
  • SWD port for debug connection
  • Hall sensor, LIN, ADC ports
  • High-temperature FR4 PCB with 2oz, 6-layer Copper
  • Single-side component mounting
  • Extensive documentation including:
    • layout files
    • schematics
    • getting started guide
    • hardware design guideline
    • EMC measurement report
    • thermal analysis
    • example software


Infineon – TLE987x 3-Phase Bridge Driver IC


Infineon – TLE987x Embedded Power IC Block Diagram


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