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Hirose Electric BM56 Series FPC-to-Board Connector

Best In-Class Solution for Hybrid RF & Digital Signal Board-to-Board

The BM56 series from Hirose Electric is designed for compact devices requiring multi-RF compatibility. Showcasing a double shield for superior EMC performance and a compact design of 0.35mm pitch, 2.2mm width, and 0.6mm stacking height, these innovative connectors are perfect for smartphones, VR/AR headsets, and wearables that necessitate multiple RF signals in a confined space.

With its innovative design and robust construction, the BM56 Series ensures secure and stable connections between FPC cables and PCBs. The connectors feature a low-profile design and narrow pitch, which make it ideal for space-constrained applications.

The BM56 Series also offers exceptional signal integrity and high-speed transmission capabilities, making it a versatile choice for demanding applications.

These FPC-to-Board connectors exemplify Hirose Electric's renowned quality and expertise, enabling the delivery of reliable and efficient connections for a wide range of electronic devices.

BM56 Features

  • Robust Mating Guides prevent housing damage
  • Compact, Multi-RF capable FPC Connector, World's Smallest Width Class
  • Contact Design Ideal for Both Digital and RF Signal
  • Superior RF Signal Transmission
  • Double Shield Enhances EMI Prevention
  • Halogen-free

BM56 Applications

  • Smartphones
  • Wearables
  • Laptops & Tablets


BM56 Connection

Combining digital and RF signals into a single connector enables effective use of the board and contributes to increased battery capacity.

Hirose Electric BM56 Connector Typical Connection


Hirose Electric — BM56 Connector

0.35mm Pitch, 2.2mm Width, 0.6mm Stacking Height, Multi-RF Compatible FPC-to-Board Connector