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ON Semiconductor RSTR-RSL10-MESH-KIT-GEVK: Strata Enabled RSL10 Mesh Platform

A versatile and easily configurable development kit

The ON Semiconductor RSL10 Mesh Platform is a versatile and easily configurable development kit that enables users to develop Bluetooth® Low Energy mesh networking applications based on RSL10, the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth® 5 radio. The platform includes two RSL10 Mesh Nodes, with a variety of available smart sensors and indicators, and a Strata Gateway Node, which enables connectivity to the Strata Developer Studio™ and provisions the network. Within Strata, users can monitor telemetry such as nodes voltage, temperature and control LED lighting, while following along as Bluetooth® Low Energy mesh commands are send out and received. This provides a reference for software development using the ON Semiconductor RSL10 Mesh Networking Package and IDE tools.

RSL10 Mesh Platform Features

  • RSL10 SIP
    • Industry leading power consumption for maximum battery life
    • Wide Bluetooth® Low Energy range
  • Multiple environmental sensors:
    • Low Voltage Temperature Sensor (N34TS108)
    • Ambient Light Sensor (LV0104CS)
    • Magnetic Sensors
    • Dual RGB LEDs with 5-bit current-controlled for dimming and color mixing through LED Driver (NCP5623B)
    • Optional vibration buzzer connector that can also be used to control low voltage and solid-state relays
    • Battery Charger (FAN54120) for Li-Ion or Li-Poly batteries to power node with rechargeable battery
  • Wheatstone bridge for angular magnetic field measurement amplified by NCS333 Chopper-stabilized Op-Amps
  • Hall-effect switch for simple magnet detection
  • Light Dimming and Alarm Capabilities
  • 2.3 kHz tone indicator
  • RSL10 Software Development Kit
    • Eclipse-based IDE with support for FreeRTOS™
  • RSL10 Mesh Package
    • Compliant with Bluetooth® SIG mesh specification
  • Mobile App
    • RSL10 Mesh App, for mobile control of mesh networks

RSL10 Mesh Platform Applications

  • Home/ Building Automation
    • Connected lighting
    • Smart thermostats/ HVAC control and monitoring
    • Motion and light sensing
    • Security
  • Smart Retail and Autonomous Factories
    • Asset monitoring
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Preventative maintenance
    • Industrial emergency lighting services
  • Smart Agriculture
    • Crop monitoring
    • Irrigation control
  • Smart Healthcare
    • Patient monitoring
    • Supply chain monitoring

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STR-RSL10-MESH-KIT-GEVK – Kit Contents

Each RSL10 Mesh Kit includes:

  • (2) RSL10 Mesh Nodes
  • (1) Strata Gateway Node
  • (3) USB cables
  • (1) Rare earth ring magnet Used for Alarm and Dimmer functions
ON Semiconductor – STR-RSL10-MESH-KIT-GEVK – Kit Contents



ON Semiconductor – STR-RSL10-MESH-KIT-GEVK - Key Parts



ON Semiconductor – STR-RSL10-MESH-KIT-GEVK Block Diagram