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Design for resiliency with Future Electronics as your Trusted Partner


Designing for Resilience & Availability in Electronics

We are re-engineering for the future

Future Electronics understands the lead-time impacts of the worldwide chip shortage. Engineers and product teams have been forced to make adjustments and rely on short-term-solutions.

As a worldwide leading electronic components distributor, we go a step further — we manufacture long-term solutions.


How do we do it?

Our engineering teams are built on trust and confidence to have you equipped for the future. By doing business with us, you can design efficiently without concerns and be fully-prepared for whatever comes your way.

We put two key concepts that have been engrained in the Future Electronics engineering culture in action to ensure you can quickly adjust on the fly without compromising the fluidity of the design process.


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A faster, smoother and worry-free road to success

Future Electronics is your design partner to ensure your next generation designs run smoothly no matter the challenge. Handle any disruption that comes your way with our world-class engineering teams.

Design for resiliency with Future Electronics as your Trusted Partner


Design for Resilience: Selecting Components to Maximize Production Options over Time

  • Future’s engineers can advise from architecture to production resilient component strategies to maximize multi-vendor options where possible, and providing key supplier information to understand lifecycles and longevity

  • We utilize factory level training from many suppliers to provide agnostic expertise on the strengths and weaknesses of solutions for your design

  • We emphasize interchangeability of parts in preparation for rapidly-changing production requirements and product availability

  • We look to reduce an end product’s total number of parts to mitigate stress on the BOM and decrease possible supply chain issues

Design for Availability: Worry-Free Redesigns

  • We are uniquely-positioned to efficiently redesign a product in the event of a shortage with wide knowledge of supplier inventories

  • We make best use of existing materials to ensure there are no delays to your design process and start pipelining product upon architectural selection

  • We continuously refine product portfolios to understand supplier pricing models and help our customers choose the most cost-effective solutions

  • We look at existing production BOMs to find fit, form, and function replacement or assist in selecting parts that could be used with minor redesign