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Future Electronics Embedded System Solutions

Future Electronics offers a variety of complete embedded system solutions to address applications such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, smart city and AI. The solutions feature powerful, fully integrated computing platforms, ruggedized and highly reliable for the most demanding use cases requiring advanced networking, processing, HMI or imaging capabilities.

Future Electronics has partnered with world leaders in embedded system manufacturing to provide best-in-class off-the-shelf or fully customized solutions, while offering long term availability coupled with Future Electronics’ customized supply chain programs.

Embedded System Categories

IoT Gateways are solutions that can connect a set of IoT enabled devices to the cloud. More than just driving traffic between the two, IoT Gateways can add additional capabilities such as data preprocessing, security and IoT device management.

Industrial Computers are PCs that are ruggedized to perform in harsh environments, as well as meet industrial temperature and longevity requirements.

Panel PCs are embedded computing systems that are integrated into a form factor that is mountable behind a panel/display. Their size and form factor provide installation flexibility for various automation and HMI based applications.

Embedded Cameras incorporate a small camera integrated with an embedded PC for image capturing and processing required by the image sensor. This allows for smaller, more customized vision solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions incorporate the necessary hardware and software components that help accelerate a variety of AI projects. These embedded systems are powered by devices that have the ability to run complex AI models that are traditionally run in the cloud. This allows for more localized solutions to address AI in robotics, automotive, agriculture, healthcare and other markets.

Embedded Medical Solutions can address a wide variety of healthcare applications. Some of the processing capabilities in embedded systems can power diagnostic and imaging systems. They can also provide the reliability and precision required to drive higher-end surgical and treatment-providing technology.