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Narrow-Band Phosphor Technology


Future Lighting Solutions


Narrow-Band Phosphor Technology

Get uncompromised performance with our LEDs achieving over 200 lm/W at 90 CRI.

Narrow-band phosphor is a new phosphor technology that allows LED manufacturers to tightly control the spectrum of the LEDs and make sure that they have the right spectral content where it matters most, thus enabling an improvement in color rendering metrics without making tradeoffs that would reduce efficacy.

This revolutionary lighting technology can help OEMs:

  • Increase 90 CRI fixture efficacies

  • Reduce LED SKUs and inventory by only offering 90 CRI without incurring efficacy losses

  • Target more stringent certification, regulatory or customer requirements that are demanding 90 CRI

Benefits of narrow-band phosphor technology

Having to choose between high CRI or high efficacy is now a problem of the past. Lighting OEMs previously had to compromise on efficacy when offering high-CRI fixtures to their customers. Now with LEDs achieving over 200 lm/W at 90 CRI, you can benefit the best of both worlds. In addition, by only offering 90 CRI fixtures, lighting OEMs can reduce the number of SKUs and inventory on hand and benefit from greater economies of scale.

With that level of performance, along with strong LM-80 data supporting even the most demanding lifetime requirements with L90>36,000 hours, availability in a full range of CCTs from 2700K through 6500K, combined with 3-step and single Vf bin options available for the highest level of board to board and fixture to fixture consistency, narrow-band phosphor LEDs are the clear choice for any lighting OEM looking to gain a clear competitive advantage.

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Increase efficacy, reduce the number of LED SKUs and meet more stringent customer requirements.

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What products are available?

Narrow-band phosphor technology has been implemented in multiple LED families across several vendors, with plenty of options to choose from including mid-power 2835 and 3030 packages, as well as a broad line-up of COBs. Standard off-the-shelf linear boards with mid-power narrow-band phosphor LEDs are also offered, with half foot, 1ft, 2ft and 4ft options available.

Applications of narrow-band phosphor technology

Narrow-band phosphor technology has broad-market appeal and applicability, ideally suited for:

  • Offices

  • Schools

  • Retail

  • Grocery Stores

  • Warehouses

  • Hospitality environments


Cutting Edge Narrow-Band Phosphor Technology

Light Source

Contact your dedicated representative to inquire into product availability.

Mid-Power LEDs


Supplier Product Family Package Type Flux* Voltage Category Datasheet


F90 21L-3C4 2835 36 lm 3V


F90 11L-3C3 2835 34.5 lm 3V


F90 11L-3A 2835 33.2 lm 3V


F90 11L-37 2835 31 lm 3V


F90 13H-9D 2835 145 lm 9V


F90 13H-9C 2835 130 lm 9V


F90 21H-18C 2835 144 lm 18V


NFSW757HT-V1H6 3030 36.6 lm 3V


NFSW757GT-P5H6 3030 34 lm 3V


NF2W757GRT-V4H6 3030 151 lm 6V
*Specified at 4000K, at nominal current and 25°C Tj

Chip on Boards (COBs)


Supplier Product Family Flux* Nominal Efficacy* Dimensions LES Size Datasheet


F90 V10C 1611 lm 175 lm/W 13.5 x 13.5 mm  10 mm 


F90 V13C 3008 lm 180 lm/W 19 x 19 mm  14.8 mm 


V18C 6372 lm 179 lm/W 24 x 24 mm   19.6 mm


NFCWS024B-V4H6 800 lm 174 lm/W 12 x 15 mm   6.7 mm


NFCWL036B-V4H6 1570 lm 174 lm/W 16 x 19 mm   8.7 mm


NFCWL060B-V4H6 2780 lm 174 lm/W  16 x 19 mm  11.5 mm  
*Specified at 3000K, at nominal current and 25°C Tj

Linear Boards


Supplier Product Family Length Flux* Nominal Efficacy* Datasheet


F90 EB Series Gen 3 SE 0.5 ft 516 lm 172 lm/W 


F90 EB Series Gen 3 SE 1ft 1032 lm 172 lm/W 


F90 EB Series Gen 3 SE 2ft 2047 lm 172 lm/W 


F90 EB Series Gen 3 SE 4ft 4093 lm 172 lm/W 


F90 EB Series Gen 3 HE 0.5 ft 574 lm 196 lm/W 


F90 EB Series Gen 3 HE 1ft 1149 lm  196 lm/W  


F90 EB Series Gen 3 HE 2ft 2299 lm  196 lm/W  


F90 EB Series Gen 3 HE 4ft 4598 lm  196 lm/W  
*Specified at 4000K, at nominal current and 45°C Tc


Future Lighting Solutions – Drivers


  • LEDiL DAISY: Low-glare linear optics

Future Lighting Solutions – Optics


  • Murata LBCC2ZZ1PR-435: Silvair-enabled 0-10V Bluetooth mesh node with sensor
  • Murata LBCC2ZZ1UE-465: Silvair-enabled DALI D4i Bluetooth mesh node with sensor
Future Lighting Solutions - Controllers



System Solutions

  • Meet connectivity requirements with dim-to-off or ANSI C137.4 compliant drivers

  • Achieve the required efficacy while meeting color rendition and lifetime metrics

  • Show low flicker for both static and tunable white fixtures

  • Have excellent glare control with off-the-shelf optics