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Future Electronics Security Services


Future Electronics Security Services

Future Electronics and our trusted partners offer services to securely provision, program, or configure our Hardware Security Solutions. We offer several processes to ensure your IP is handled securely.

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Future Electronics Security Services Diagram


Secure Provisioning Flow

As an example, a typical secure provisioning flow for microcontrollers (MCUs) includes blank chips provided from the supplier; an encrypted binary file, keys and digital signature from the customer; and a programmer with an integrated hardware security module (HSM). VDA 6.3, TS16949 and ISO 9001/14001/27001 certified programming centers are available globally. Provisioned chips are then provided to the customer or contract manufacturer through Future Electronics.

Supply Chain Security

Future Electronics also offers options for devices to ensure end-to-end supply chain protection without the need for secure provisioning services. For example, MachXO3D FPGAs from Lattice may be delivered factory-locked and resistant to security threats as they move through the supply chain, helping customers ensure that the configuration bitstream and external firmware authentication keys stored on the FPGA are copy and tamper-resilient.

Hardware Security 101