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How to Maximize Embedded System Security and Prevent Cyber Attacks

With Future Electronics & Microchip


What you need to know about potential embedded system security threats

In the last decade, embedded systems have not only become more connected and intelligent with increased intellectual properties, but also more widely known. As a result, Cyber Attacks have become more frequent and the need for advanced security features has increased.

This requires the proper support, system design knowledge and component selection, which just so happens to be part of Future Electronics’ areas of expertise and one of the many benefits of our GoodLock development platform!


Challenges we may face with embedded systems

With any combination of computer hardware and software, embedded security vulnerabilities can cause major issues that have the potential to compromise valuable confidential information and data for businesses small and large.

Embedded Systems Security Challenges

  • Service disruption
  • Protecting confidential data related to identity or valuable business information
  • Preventing intellectual property theft
  • Threats to IT infrastructure

This is not something to which businesses and brands would like to expose themselves.

Hardware-Based Security for IoT of Any Size
SAM L11 Security Features


Why Microchip and Future Electronics for adding security in your products?

Developers are continuously looking for ways to seamlessly integrate cyber security features in their embedded designs and software. In some cases, however, adding more security components comes with potential system functionality issues, which is why developers need a well-rounded system solution. Future Electronics strengthens embedded systems security system by supporting both the functionality and security at the same time. The diagram below outlines Future Electronics hardware components and system design expertise that can get the job done.

 Microchip / Future Electronics – Embedded system security for your designs


Microchip hardware: Components and subsystem that make embedded system security possible

  • Microcontrollers:
    • Cortex-M23 (featuring ARM® TrustZone™ like the SAML11 MCU) or;
    • Cortex-M4 (complemented with proprietary blocks such as the Crypto-Accelerator, Integrity Check Monitor, tamper pins and Key Exchange Management used in ATSAMD5x / SAME5) by Microchip.
  • Microprocessors:
    • Flexible embedded security options from the SAMA5 MPU family make finding the right security options a breeze. Coupled with a secure element, quick turnarounds can be achieved to enable secure cloud connectivity with data encryption, secure boot or more features.
  • The SAMA5 System On Module (SOMs) to simplify processor hardware design. Microchip recently announced a wireless SOM (also featuring ATECC608A secure element) for a pre-provisioned solution.
    • This gives customers the easiest path to hardware design, security and embedded software thanks to Microchip’s approach on embedded Linux.
  • A secure gateway implementation is done as an example (AWS) demonstrating AWS IOS GreenGrass to enable a certain level of edge computation autonomy even with intermittent cloud connectivity.
  • Secure elements: Microchip TrustPlatform is a one-stop solution allowing the customer to spend time on the final application development and avoid over spending in the secure provisioning process. 
    • This is done with three tiers of secure elements: Trust&GO, TrustFLEX or TrustCUSTOM, which allows the freedom to select which option best meets the needs of development projects.
  • The PIC/IoT WG Development Board shows how securely an 8-bit AVR or PIC microcontroller can be connected to the cloud via WiFi using a powerful PIC MCU (PIC24FJ128GA705) and the CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC (ATECC608A). On this project, quick design turnaround and retrofit are not a problem.
  • Choosing the fully-certified ATWINC1510 WiFi network controller ensures the best security coverage towards identified WiFi vulnerabilities in addition to the best interoperability insurance (valid for WINC/WILC products).
  • The most common hardware platform uses the MCP73871 battery charger and the MCP9808 temperature sensor.


Future Electronics embedded systems security: A fully-secured all-around solution

Security requires a wide range of technical prowess to select the right hardware and software integration. Not only is embedded system protection needed, but the design project must enable secure boot processes and firmware updates to stay on top of the threat of unauthorized accesses and physical attacks. Thankfully, Future Electronics is the solution of choice, whether it comes to day-to-day support or design support over the long term.

  • The Future Electronics GoodLock development board leverages Microchip’s Trust Shield Platform to implement their latest security, microcontroller and analog solutions.
  • Future Electronics PIC & AVR IoT experts designed specific firmware to support more sensors for a ready-to-use system solution. This shows how we can help our customers with system solution support, including retrofit, via the affordable and securely-connected PIC solution.
  • Future Electronics Application Engineers take a deeper dive into the guidance and technical support of your next designs. Their extensive experience in embedded processing, security and connectivity, power management and with the Microchip portfolio brings benefits to your project.
  • Our Programming Centers have the capabilities to offer programming services on non-secure or secure products.
  • Our partnerships with Security Advisors help implement secure elements to your design projects. They also help identify breaches and any other security enquiries customers may have.


GoodLock: The solution to embedded systems security

Future Electronics GoodLock Embedded System Security Solution

The Future Electronics GoodLock development board leverages Microchip’s Trust Shield Platform to simplify the onboarding of secure elements in your design.

The Trust Shield Platform consists of a Microchip SAM D21 microcontroller configured as the main MCU. It comes pre-programmed with Microchip`s Secure Products Group (SPG) kit protocol. This protocol facilitates the communication between the CryptoAuthentication devices ATECC608A-TFLXTLS (TrustFLEX) and the host MCU over the USB HID interface. The Trust Shield can be used with the Goodlock platform or in a standalone application.

Based on Microchip’s SAM11 ARM Cortex-M23 industry-leading low power 32-bit microcontroller, the GoodLock board features Microchip’s secure manufacturing infrastructure. GoodLock is the latest system solution that enables discovery of different technologies related to hardware security. It is the perfect development board that integrates Microchip’s cost-effective and flexible Trust Platform for the onboarding of secure elements in your design.

The GoodLock features the latest security, microcontroller and analog solutions from Microchip.