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As the need to solve real-world design challenges has soared, Future Electronics has both the experience and resources to be your valued engineering partner - all supported by industry-leading logistics support. Our specialist teams are ready and poised to help get to market fast, with sustainable technical solutions from leading suppliers.

Take a look at some of our technologies below, where you can find a solution for your next big design project. Take a deep dive into the latest Cellular IoT developments, transition to new USB-C solutions, review your time to market, or explore other trending topics such as wireless charging, the latest AI and Machine Learning trends, or even the skyrocketing demand for UV LEDs.

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The Latest Trending Topics


AI and Machine Learning at the Edge
AI and Machine Learning at the Edge

There is a growing trend to bring AI and Machine Learning to the edge. The performance of today’s edge devices has allowed many suppliers to implement machine learning solutions without having to send data back and forth into the cloud. We go through some basics of AI and Machine Learning, as well as the enablement that our partner suppliers have put together to allow users to start implementing their own Machine Learning solutions.

Faster Time to Market with System on Module
Faster Time to Market with System on Module (SOM) and Single Board Computer (SBC) Solutions

System on Modules (SOMs) typically include an MPU with memory, clock, power management and industry standard communication interfaces at a minimum but may add additional peripheral logic, depending on its form factor, such as wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth for example. Various form factors and processor solutions are presented. These solutions help customers get to market faster, can reduce the cost of the carrier board, allow for design-reuse and simplify software development. Single Board Computers (SBCs) presented provide longevity by using embedded roadmap processors and components. They also provide all processor, memory and peripheral interface for applications where standard peripheral communications are required. The solutions provide time-to-market advantages, supported Board Support Packages to help in software development and long-term availability.

USB Type C
USB Type C Power Delivery (PD)

This presentation walks through;

  • How a USB Type connection is established, from detecting connector orientation, power roles (source versus sink), implicit and explicit power profile negotiations
  • Other useful features (Factory Debug Mode, Alternate Mode, Vendor Defined Messages)
  • Major components needed for implementation (block diagram)
  • Various supplier solutions
Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging

Introduction to wireless charging with a focus on STMicroelectronics’s magnetic induction solutions.

Leveraging UV LEDs to Stop COVID-19 and All Pathogens
Leveraging UV LEDs to Stop COVID-19 and All Pathogens

The demand for UV LEDs has exploded recently. The reason is simple: it can kill COVID-19 in within 30 seconds. OEMs are now determined to develop products that will help everyone to live in a cleaner and safer environment, whether in an office, on plane/train/bus/taxi, in a hospital or elsewhere.

We have the products (UV LEDs, UV LED boards, UV optics, UV sensors, occupancy sensors), the system solutions and simulation tools to help answer the very basic questions that our customers are asking: how many LEDs are required to target and destroy known pathogens.

Developing a system is not as complicated as one might think because we’ve been preparing for the impending demand of UV LEDs for the past 2 years.

Cellular IoT Technology Trends
Cellular IoT Technology Trends

Meeting with Future's expert in Cellular technology with an overview of the latest Cellular IoT modules, how to select the right cellular radio for your design, antenna considerations, and design challenges we've seen and helped customers overcome. In this meet we'll be able to help our customers launch their Cellular IoT designs with a wealth of knowledge and experience and offer to support them through their full design cycle.