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MIC2807 Series 5.5 V 2 MHz Surface Mount Dual Low Noise LDO Regulator - MLF-17

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Mfr. Name: Microchip
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Technical Attributes
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Package Style:  MLF-17
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

The MIC2807-MMYML TR integrates a high performance DC/DC converter intended for powering a power amplifier (PA) in a mobile phone with dual low noise low dropout (LDO) regulators for the rest of the RF section. Optimized for low noise performance, the MIC2807 improves efficiency in the handset without compromising quality.

The MIC2807-MMYML TR has a 2 MHz, constant frequency pulse width modulated (PWM) DC/DC converter designed for low noise operation and high efficiency. The output voltage (V OUT) is variable from 0.3 V to the input voltage (V IN), adjustable from 0.3 V to 3.6 V through a DAC input when V IN > V OUT. The converter will work in a 100% duty cycle mode to offer maximum power and efficiency in the application. In addition to 100% duty cycle, the DC/DC converter has a bypass mode of operation where the input voltage node (PVIN pin) is shorted to the output voltage node (OUT pin) through a 95 mΩ switch.

The MIC2807-MMYML TR is a µCap design, operating with small ceramic output capacitors and inductors for stability, reducing required board space and component cost and it is available in the tiny 2.5 mm x 2.8 mm MLF ® package.

Key Features :

  • 2.7 V to 5.5 V input voltage range
  • Stable with ceramic output capacitors
  • Tiny 17-pin 2.5 mm x 2.8 mm MLF ® Package
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Current limit protection
  • RF PA Power Supply DC/DC Converter
  • Adjustable output power supply – DAC controlled
  • V OUT = V DAC x 3
  • Bypass mode operation
  • Internal 95m Ω switch between PVIN and OUT pins
  • V DAC > 1.2 V
  • Up to 600 mA output current in PWM mode
  • 100% duty cycle operation for maximum efficiency
  • Tiny 4.7 µH, 1 µF output inductor and capacitor
  • Low-noise 2 MHz PWM operation
  • >90% efficiency
  • Dual Low Noise Low Dropout Regulators
  • High accuracy – ±2% over temperature
  • High PSRR – greater than 70 dB
  • Very low output noise – 32 µVrms
  • LDO1 – 200 mA output current capability
  • LDO2 – 30 mA output current capability

Applications :

  • CDMA2000 mobile phones
  • UMTS/WCDMA mobile phones
  • Wibro modules
  • WiFi modules
  • Power amplifier modules(PAMs) with linear PAs
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