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Laird Connectivity

Designing Advanced Bluetooth 5.2 IoT Products with the BL5340

This webinar will provide informative insight into the architecture, capabilities, and benefits of utilizing the Nordic nRF5340 silicon in Laird Connectivity’s new BL5340 series of modules and advanced development kits. Attendees will learn about the dual core Arm® Cortex M33 multi wireless implementation and how it provides OEMs with enhanced end product capabilities, with a focus on security, performance, power consumption and exciting new Bluetooth 5.2 features. This webinar will present the BL5340, and its DVKs, for a range of different end solutions including LE Audio, machine learning for condition based monitoring, and options for connecting to the cloud.


Key Takeaways for Attendees

  1. Learn about the Nordic nRF5340 silicon and its capabilities for Laird Connectivity’s new BL5340 module range
  2. Understand the architecture and benefits for utilizing a dual core multi wireless module in your next product
  3. Review use cases and applications for the BL5340 modules and explore some of the out of the box implementations available with the BL5340 series development kits


Presenter – Jonathan Kaye
Senior Director - Product Management, Laird Connectivity

Jonathan Kaye is a Senior Director, Product Management at Laird Connectivity. Jonathan has more than 15 years of experience in Bluetooth® technology, including design and implementation into modules and a variety of end products. Jonathan manages Laird Connectivity’s portfolio of Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy products and has worked with Nordic Semiconductor silicon for the last 8 years.



Wednesday October 27th, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

You will hear from:
Jonathan Kaye

Jonathan Kaye
Senior Director - Product Management, Laird Connectivity