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Abracon Surface-Mount Molded Inductors

Abracon’s collection of surface-mount molded inductors range in package sizes and materials to meet a variety of power, inductance and operating temperature requirements. Each series features EMI shielding to prevent interference and disruption to neighboring circuitry. This selection of inductors can service most high-reliability DC-DC conversion topologies with superior power densities and efficiencies.

The power inductors are designed to meet the power delivery requirements of a wide range of advanced applications, including automotive, industrial, lighting, motor control, servers, computing, networking, drones, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The available devices are available in three key inductor types:

Round Wire Carbonyl Powder

Carbonyl powder cores yield the highest stability and precise inductance values.

  • Abracon’s AMPLA seriesis optimized for high current operation for applications like machining, servers and speakers. The power-optimized devices feature a magnetic carbonyl powder core, yielding optimal saturation current capabilities. AEC-Q200 options are available.
  • The ASPIAIG-Fx automotive-grade inductors are suitable for high current applications such as LED lighting, headlamp, motor control, solar, micro-inverter, power tool, motor control, industrial robotic and power supply applications rated up to 55A with 118A saturation current.

Round Wire Metal Alloy

Depending on the targeted application, metal alloy cores can result in better core losses, permeabilities and/or aesthetic appearances. These material types lend to higher inductance capabilities per turn of wire for inductors. This allows for inductor miniaturization, reduced heat losses and increased current capability.

  • The AMDLA series devices are optimized for low DCR performance for better thermal efficiencies. The devices are available in a wide range of package sizes for applications spanning the commercial and automotive markets. AEC-Q200 certified options are available with operating temperatures as wide as -55°C to +155°C.
  • The round wire ASPI series inductors with a metal alloy core are designed for medium- to high-power applications requiring high inductance and compact form factors.

Flat Wire

The flat wire inductor construction boasts the highest performance capabilities. This design is the highest current rating and lowest DCR type available.

  • The AMELA series devices optimize current and DCR performance in a miniature 2.5 x 2.0 mm package size for ultra-compact applications.

Abracon’s flat wire ASPIAIG inductor series are designed for automotive, industrial, and other high-grade applications. The automotive-grade flat wire inductors with metal alloy cores support AEC-Q200 grade 0 or 1 (-55°C to +155°C or -40°C to +125°C), PPAP level 3 and TS-16949 qualified manufacturing.

    • Abracon’s ASPIAIG-Q series is designed for high power density transportation applications, exhibiting low DCR and high current. Package sizes range from 4.1 x 4.1 x 2.0 mm to 7.5 x 16.5 x 12.7 mm. These devices can meet the high power rating and temperature range requirements for applications such as ADAS and electric vehicle systems.
    • The ASPIAIG-F series support current handling up to to 36A and DCR of only 1.75mΩ. These devices are perfect for DC/DC converters in distributed power systems, DC/DC converters for FPGAs, voltage regulator modules for servers, and high current, low profile POL converters.

High Power Density Commercial Inductors

Abracon’s newest flat wire and round wire ASPI molded inductor series are designed for meeting high saturation current and low DCR requirements in package sizes ranging from 5.7 x 6.0 mm to 11.9 x 11 mm for consumer, telecommunications and industrial IoT applications.