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Infineon BTN9970LV Integrated High-Current Half-Bridge

Featuring low path resistance for motor drive applications

Part of the MOTIX™ family, the Infineon BTN9970LV contains one p-channel high-side MOSFET and one n-channel lowside MOSFET with an integrated driver IC in one package.

With this single half-bridge IC, the need for a charge pump is eliminated thanks to the p-channel high-side switch, which minimizes EMI. The integrated driver IC features logic level inputs, diagnosis with current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation and protection against over temperature, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit. This makes interfacing to a microcontroller easy.

The Infineon MOTIX™ BTN9970LV provides a cost optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption. This device comes in a small HSOF-7-1 package.

  • AEC-Q100/Q006 Qualified (Grade 1)
  • Supply voltage range 8 V - 18 V (max up to 40 V)
  • Path resistance of typ. 9.7 mΩ @ 25°C (max. 18.1 mΩ @ 150°C)
  • Low quiescent current of max. 3.3 µA @ 85°C
  • Protection features: overcurrent, undervoltage, overtemperature
  • Overcurrent detection level of 60 A min
  • 8 selectable switching slew rates for optimized EME
  • Status flag diagnosis with feedback of current sense, temperature and slew rate
  • Integration of high power PMOS, NMOS and Driver IC minimizes design and manufacturing effort
  • Less PCB area and BOM compared to discrete solution
  • Higher system reliability due to integrated diagnosis, current sense and protection functions
  • Supports half and full bridge (2x) configuration

Target Applications

  • Automotive 12 V brushed DC Motor
  • Seatbelt pretensioner
  • Seat control
  • Fuel pumps
  • Power liftgate / Sliding door
  • HVAC control module