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Infineon Three-Phase Motor Control Gate Driver IC

MOTIX™ 6ED2742S01Q

The MOTIX™ 6ED2742S01Q is a 160 V SOI based gate driver designed for three phase BLDC motor drive applications integrates the power management unit, current sense amplifier, and overcurrent protection. It can connect directly to the battery and supports voltages from 10.8 to 120 volts.

The output drivers feature high-pulse current buffer stages designed for minimum driver cross-conduction.

The propagation delay of 100 ns along with a minimum dead time of 100 ns with built-in delay matching results in the driver’s ability for high switching frequencies with reduced level shift losses.

An added current sense operational amplifier (CSA) with selectable gain is integrated between the VSS and COM pads. This driver is a one stop solution for a variety of battery powered applications.


  • Bootstrap voltage (VB node) of +160 V
  • Floating channel designed for bootstrap operation
  • Integrated power management unit (PMU) with Linear pre-regulator to enable wide input VIN range & Integrated charge pump for stable VCC
  • Integrated current sense amplifier (CSA) with selectable gain
  • Integrated over-current protection with selectable VREF threshold
  • 100% duty cycle operation with trickle charge pump per high side
  • Integrated low RON, ultra-fast bootstrap diodes
  • Independent under voltage lockout for both high and low side
  • Integrated shoot-through protection with built-in dead time
  • Multi-function RFE pin (Enable, Fault, and automatic Fault clear)
  • Integrated short pulse / noise rejection input filter
  • Schmitt trigger inputs with hysteresis
  • 3.3 V, 5 V input logic compatible, outputs in phase with inputs
  • Available in small footprint QFN32 lead, 5x5 mm package
  • 2kV HBM ESD, RoHS compliant


  • Cordless Power Tools
  • Multicopters and drones
  • Robotics
  • Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)
  • Home appliances
  • Lawn equipment


Software & Development Tools

iMOTION™ Motion Control Engine (MCE)

All iMOTION™ products include a Motion Control Engine (MCE), which eliminates software coding from the motor control algorithm development process. As the core of all iMOTION™ products, the MCE speeds up the customer development time with its integrated ready-2-use motor control algorithm and production grade software. The MCE implements Field Oriented Control (FOC) and uses space vector PWM with sinusoidal signals to achieve highest energy efficiency.

iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit MADK

The Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) evaluation platform covers motor drive applications from 20 W up to 11 kW. The platform is offering a modular and scalable system solution with different control board options and a range of power boards.

Introducing the MOTIX™ 6ED2742S01Q 160V Gate Driver