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Inolux IN-PI55TAT 5050 RGB LED

An update and upgrade from the popular IN-PI554FCH RGB LED

The Inolux IN-PI55TAT is a 5.0*5.0*1.6mm RGB LED with integrated IC that comes as a new and improved version of their very popular IN-PI554FCH RGB LED. This updated version SMD LED offers great versatility, adding value to a wide range of applications, and simplifying design for engineers.

The Inolux IN-PI55TAT features 5050 with integrated high quality constant current IC and RGB LED chip, built-in IC, with high precision of constant current and internal RGB chips spectral processing in advance, single line data transmission (return to zero code), and an RGB output port PWM control that can achieve 256 grey level adjustments.

Other Features
  • Specific Shaping Transmit Technology - number of LED stacked is not restricted.
  • Cascading Enhancement Technology - any 2 LED spacing can be up to 10 meters
  • Data transfer rate of 800 kbp/s at 30 frames per second
  • Upon powering up, IC performs self-inspection then lights connection on the pin B lamp.
  • SA-I Anti-interference patent technology for single line data transmission.
  • Built-in power supply reverse connect protection module, reversed power input will not damage the IC.
  • Full color LED string light
  • LED full color module
  • LED guardrail tube
  • LED scene lighting
  • LED point light
  • LED pixel screen
  • LED shaped screen