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Lattice Semiconductor


Flexible, Sensor-Input Board for Video Interface Platform

What is the LMV-AR0234-EVN?

The Lattice mVision™ AR0234CS VIP Sensor Input Board (LMV-AR0234-EVN) is a Sensor Input Board for Lattice's Video Interface Platform (VIP). The board uses a 1/2.6−inch 2.3 Mp Color 0deg Global Shutter CMOS digital image sensor with an active−pixel array of 1920 (H) × 1200 (V) from onsemi.

A fantastic solution for low-power embedded vision systems, this VIP Sensor Input Board enables seamless connectivity to (EVDK) Embedded Vision Development kit via external connection. Applications through this EDVK include flexible connectivity and energy-efficient image processing for robotics, drones, ADAS, Smart Surveillance, AR/VR systems, Machine Vision Cameras and Biometrics. Supporting Lattice's easy-to-use FPGA design tools, Lattice Radiant, the board can be programmed through the EVDK.

The LMV-AR0234-EVN combines the bridging capability of Lattice's CrossLink™ FPGA, the low-power, small form factor ECP5™ and the high-resolution benefits of their HDMI ASSP, onto this modular platform.

The Lattice mVision™ Sensor Board features the following items:

  • onsemi AR0234 CMOS Digital Image Sensor with Global Shutter
  • M12 lens holder with included PT-0620 lens (Focal length: 6.0 mm, Iris F2.0, Mount M12 x 0.5)
    • Interchangeable with other lenses as long as it is compatible with the mechanical and optical requirements of the board
  • Adapter cable for EVDK
  • Quick Start Guide
Summary of Features
  • IR_CUR driver circuit for use of IR_CUT filters
  • M12 Lens Holders
  • External connection for Flash and Shutter control
  • External connection for all power supplies
  • Tripod Connection
  • Programmed through Lattice Radiant programmer software
  • Maximum Input Voltage: VDD_IO + 0.3 DC
  • Maximum Output Voltage: VDD_IO + 0.3
Example Applications
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical

mVision™ AR0234 Sensor Board

onsemi AR0234CS CMOS Digital Image Sensor

The AR0234CS from onsemi, a 1/2.6-inch, 2.3Mpixel CMOS digital image sensor, features an innovative global-shutter pixel design which accurately captures moving scenes at a fast 120 frames per second in full resolution. It is atop its class for shutter efficiency, featuring superior image quality for fast-moving objects and a high dynamic range which delivers higher image clarity.

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Lattice mVision AR0234 VIP Sensor Input Board


Included Software

The included software provides a comprehensive setup interface and flexibility to evaluate the Lattice mVision ISP solution from Lattice and full sensor features and capabilities. The mVision VIP Board comes with a lens suitable for evaluation with an M12 lens holder to use standard M12 compatible lenses. You can use your own lens as long as it is compatible with the mechanical and optical requirements. An IR-CUT driver circuit using TI’s DRV8838 integrated motor driver solution for cameras allows the use of IR-CUT filters.


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