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Lumileds LUXEON Rubix Color Line LEDs

Small footprint, max performance

The Lumileds LUXEON Rubix LEDs are designed with compact packaging, but these emitters provide maximum flux and high driving current capability.

The minimal amount of space of the LUXEON Rubix LED design makes them ideal for entertainment, architecture and emergency vehicle lighting applications. The Lumileds LUXEON Rubix LED color line provides double the flux at a much higher driving current compared to previous generations. The LUXEON Rubix is the smallest form factor in the Lumileds Colors portfolio enabling it to be packaged even closer to achieve higher lumen output at higher lumen densities. The individual emitters and color gamut allow customers to have much better flexibility in their product design.

LUXEON Rubix LED Features

  • Compact 1414 package
  • High drive current (up to 3 Amps DC)
  • Maximized punch (cd/lm)
  • Higher lumen output at higher densities

LUXEON Rubix LED Applications

  • Moving head
  • Spotlights
  • Wall wash
  • Floodlights
  • Landscape lighting


LUXEON Rubix Mechanical dimensions

Green, Blue, Royal Blue and White

Lumileds — LUXEON Rubix Color Line LEDs GBRBW


LUXEON Rubix Mechanical dimensions


Lumileds — LUXEON Rubix Color Line LEDs Red