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Microchip Analog DC-DC Portfolio

Discover the associated Development Tools ecosystem

For high efficiency in a small form factor, Microchip’s analog DC-DC portfolio is packed with the product and design resources to successfully execute your mobile device, portable computer, telecommunications or other industrial applications.

Explore the options below.

Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) and Constant On-Time (COT) Controllers

Multiple requirements and design topologies? No problem. The diverse standards of various end applications are met with advanced IC processes, innovative packaging and optimization.

Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA)

Looking for performance AND customizability? DEPA technology allows you to have both (and more). With fast, efficient analog feedback loop among other features, this product has more flexibility than any other analog control architecture.

End Products
  • Mobile device, portable computer, telecommunications and industrial markets
  • AC-DC converters
  • Automotive
  • Battery management
  • Consumer and portable electronics
  • DC-AC inverters
  • Embedded and Point-of-Load Conversion
  • Energy storage
  • Lighting
  • Merchant power supplies


Development Tools Ecosystem


Analog and Interface Treelink Selection Tool

Easy navigation through an extensive overview of all Microchip’s analog and interface solutions.

MPLAB® Analog Designer

A streamlined interface requiring minimal input data to start new or refine previous projects.

MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator

The perfect tool to simulate analog circuits prior to hardware prototyping.
Download the tool »