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Microchip Smart Metering Platform

Available on 32-bit MCU family equipped with MPL460 PLC Modem

Microchip meets the growing needs for smart energy by introducing a smart metering platform incorporating application-specific solutions. Introducing the latest PIC32MCXT family of 32-bit microprocessors with MPL460 Power Line Communication (PLC) modem, this next-generation smart metering platform optimized for applications in the industrial IoT, commercial and industrial metering segments.

The platform by Microchip also incorporates microprocessor, security, memory, wireless and power-line connectivity devices. With best-in-class feature sets and equipment design performance for the smart grid, this smart energy portfolio offers users endless possibilities.

Platform highlights:

  • Leading-edge connectivity
    • Low-power IEEE® 802.15.4/4g wireless devices
    • Field-proven, high-performance Power Line Communications (PLC) (G3, PRIME)
  • Best-in-class metrology
    • Dynamic range of up to 6000:1
  • Security and encryption
    • Advanced security engines in SoC solutions
    • CryptoAuthentication™ devices that offer robust security to safeguard networked metering applications
  • Integration and flexibility
    • Flexible (software or hardware) metrology
    • Multi-standard wireless and PLC solutions
  • Broad microcontroller/microprocessor portfolio and tool support
    • Large array of 32-bit SAM D, SAM4, PIC32 and SAMA5 solutions
    • Best-in-class tools from Microchip, IAR, Keil



Microchip Smart Metering Platform