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Nichia Dynasolis™ with Azure Color

New HCL & Circadian Solution

Dynasolis™ is Nichia’s Azure™ (Blue-Green) in combination with the award-winning H6 series emitter to allow for spectral tuning and color tuning.

Dynasolis™ is the ideal solution for Circadian and HCL (Human Centric Lighting) applications, without compromising efficacy and a high quality of light. It offers the best circadian solution while maintaining the balance of both lpW & CRI, achieving high Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML) levels; meeting WELL Building Standard™ requirements ‘L03 Circadian Lighting Design” (Max 3 points) and L08 ‘Electrical Light Quality, Enhanced Color Rendering Quality (1 point).

Benefits of Dynasolis™

  • Achieve high EML to maintain high CRI and high efficacy that are required for HCL4
    • 6500 K/Ra≧90, Electrical Loss 5% / Optical Loss 5%, 0.2 W@LED
    • Fixture Efficacy 161 LPW / MR 1.08
  • Equivalent reliability to conventional LED types via the same phosphor technology
    • L03 Circadian Lighting Design
    • L08 Electrical Light Quality
    • Enhanced Color Rendering Quality
  • Maintains high lpW and high CRI
  • Ability to control the “Active” and “Rest” periods for changes in the environment or time