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onsemi ARX383CS CMOS Imaging Sensor

Featuring breakthrough technology

The ARX383CS by onsemi is a 1/8” 0.3MP CMOS Image Sensor with an active pixel array of 640x480 VGA resolution in a compact CSP-35 package. With a 2.8um pixel, ARX383CS delivers industry-leading Global Shutter Efficiency (GSE) in its class, thus enabling an exceptional image quality in fast moving scene conditions. With a very small footprint, multi-camera synchronization and good dynamic range, AR383CS is well-suited for small form factor IoT applications seeking one or more sensors for its vision system.

Among the competing offerings in the market, ARX383CS enjoys the lowest power footprint (< 0.67mW/fps) and provides 120fps at full resolution making it a splendid choice for multiple markets desiring a compact edge imaging system.

Key Features

  • Industry leading Global Shutter Efficiency (GSE) in its class
  • Lowest power footprint for full resolution @ max frame rate
  • High frame rates both in Native & Subsampling modes
  • Unmatched Global Shutter Efficiency (GSE) to deliver best-in-class image quality
  • Fast frame rates – 120fps, 245fps (Bin2/Sum2) - enabling fast training & minimal inference latency in AI applications
  • Low power consumption than competing devices provides more budget for the ISP
  • Mono Summing Subsampling mode giving a 4X effective larger pixel delivering exceptional low light image quality; competition does not have this mode
  • Higher MTF in NIR Regions (lowlight conditions) delivers better image sharpness under challenging lighting conditions

Associated Benefits

  • High GSE minimizes parasitic light intrusion to lowest levels thereby delivering unadulterated image quality
  • Besides easy usability in battery & power-sensitive applications, provides more power budget to the ISP/SoC to realize differentiated products
  • Fast frame rates enables high-speed object detection, capturing fast moving objects & delivering more scene information in unit time, all at very low power consumption


End Applications
  • Autonomous Guidance/Mobility
  • Scanning
  • Factory Automation
  • Smart Access
  • AR/VR/MR


Evaluation/Development Kit

The ARX383CSSM28SUKAH3-GEVB Sensor Board uses the high Global Shutter Efficiency ARX383CS 0.3MP Mono 28deg Global Shutter sensor from onsemi. The sensor board can be interfaced to the Demo3 Evaluation Board, or with the AP1302 Evaluation Board stacked on Demo 3 Evaluation Board (AGB1N0CS-GEVK). The combined kit uses the popular DevSuite software from onsemi to configure the system. The software provides a comprehensive setup interface and flexibility to evaluate the sensor?s features and capabilities.

The sensor board comes with a lens suitable for evaluation. Users can use their own lens as long as it is compatible with the mechanical & optical requirements.

To get started with the ARX383CSSM28SUKAH3-GEVB, you will also need:

  • Demo 3 Evaluation Board (AGB1N0CS-GEVK)
  • AP1302 Evaluation Board (optional)
  • DevSuite Software