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High-efficiency power with EliteSiC

onsemi's EliteSiC product portfolio is a range of silicon carbide (SiC) power devices and modules designed to deliver proven quality, robust designs, fully-integrated manufacturing, best-in-class models and guides, and more. SiC is a wide bandgap material that offers significant advantages over traditional silicon-based power devices, including lower switching losses, higher operating temperatures, and higher breakdown voltage.

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November 30th, 2023 | 2:00 PM EDT

Novel System-Level Simulators to Develop Virtual Prototype of Complex DC Fast Charging System Design

We will demonstrate a state-of-art accurate simulation flow that deploys the novel Elite Power Simulator and the industry first Self-Service PLECS Model Generator with our EliteSiC module based 25kW fast DC charger reference design.



onsemi New Silicon Carbide Family

EliteSiC MOSET, Diodes and Modules

onsemi's new silicon carbide family, the ‘EliteSiC’, introduces three new members to the series. With reliable, high-efficiency performance for energy infrastructure and industrial drive applications, the 1700 V EliteSiC MOSFET and two 1700 V avalanche-rated EliteSiC Schottky diodes highlight onsemi’s position as a leader in industrial silicon carbide solutions.

The onsemi 1700 V EliteSiC MOSFET features higher breakdown voltage (BV) SiC solutions that comply with high-power industrial application requirements. Both 1700 V avalanche-rated EliteSiC Schottky diodes enable high-voltage operation at elevated temperatures with high efficiency thanks to SiC technology.



The Best of SiC and the Latest for Gate Driver Technology

Maximize efficiency, optimize power

Leverage new and improved SiC solutions, as well as three impressive new additions to the EliteSiC family of products.

In addition, explore how you can optimize efficiency and power in your next design thanks to their new gate driver technology.


5 kVrms 4.5-A/9-A Isolated Dual Channel Gate Driver


The onsemi NCP51561 gate driver boasts dual-channel isolation and impressive current capabilities, with 4.5-A and 9-A source and sink peak current, respectively. Designed to drive power MOSFETs and SiC MOSFET power switches efficiently, the NCP51561 offers quick and matched propagation delays.

With internal galvanic isolation of 5 kVrms and functional isolation between the two output drivers, the NCP51561 is capable of operating at a working voltage of up to 1500 VDC. This driver offers versatility and can be used in various configurations, including two low-side switches, two high-side switches, or a half-bridge driver with adjustable dead time. The ENA/DIS pin offers the option for simultaneous shutdown of both outputs.

Additionally, the NCP51561 features important protective functions such as individual under-voltage lockout for each gate driver and a Dead Time adjustment function.


  • 4.5 A Peak Source, 9 A Peak Sink Output Current Capability
  • Flexible: Dual Low−Side, Dual High−Side or Half−Bridge Gate Driver
  • Independent UVLO Protections for Both Output Drivers
  • Output Supply Voltage from 6.5 V to 30 V with 5−V and 8−V for MOSFET, 13−V and 17−V UVLO for SiC, Thresholds.
  • Common Mode Transient Immunity CMTI > 200 V/ns
  • Propagation Delay Typical 36 ns with
    • 5 ns Max Delay Matching per Channel
    • 5 ns Max Pulse−Width Distortion
  • User Programmable Input Logic
    • Single or Dual−Input Modes via ANB
    • ENABLE or DISABLE Mode
  • User Programmable Dead−Time
  • Isolation & Safety
    • 5 kVRMS Isolation for 1 Minute (per UL1577 Requirements) and 1500 V Peak Differential Voltage between Output Channels
    • 8000 VPK Reinforced Isolation Voltage (per VDE0884−11 Requirements)
    • CQC Certification per GB4943.1−2011
    • SGS FIMO Certification per IEC 62386−1
  • These are Pb−Free Devices


  • Motor Drives
  • Isolated Converters in DC−DC and AC−DC Power Supply
  • Server, Telecom, and Industrial Infrastructures
  • UPS and Solar Inverters




  • D2PAK-7L package with Kelvin source configuration
  • Excellent FOM [ = Rdson * Eoss ]
  • New M3S technology: 22 mohm RDS(ON) with low Eon and Eoff losses
  • 15V to 18V Gate Drive
  • 100% Avalanche Tested
  • Halide Free and RoHS Compliant


  • Industrial applications
  • UPS / ESS
  • Solar
  • EV charger

onsemi Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs


The new onsemi family of 1200V M3S planar SiC MOSFETs boasts optimization for swift switching functions. Utilizing planar technology, these MOSFETs reliably handle negative gate voltage drive and sudden spikes on the gate. For optimal performance, a 18V gate drive is recommended, though these devices still perform well with a 15V drive.



New: onsemi Elite Power Simulator

Accelerate time to market and optimize development process

The all new onsemi Elite Power Simulator is the perfect tool for power electronic engineers to accurately represent how their circuits will work using the EliteSiC family of products including manufacturing corner cases of the EliteSiC technology.