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Panasonic EWTS5G 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor

Enable design flexibility

The Panasonic EWTS5G 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor is a groundbreaking technology that combines multiple sensing capabilities into a single compact device.

Easy to install, highly accurate and very reliable, the EWTS5G is a 6DoF inertial sensor with functional safety standard ISO26262 compliance for automotive applications. The sensing elements consists of 3 Accelerometers and 3 Gyroscopes in single MEMS chip.

The accelerometer in the EWTS5G provides precise measurements to enable accurate detection, making it ideal for automotive applications. The accelerometer's high sensitivity and low noise characteristics ensure reliable and accurate data capture.

Panasonic has simplified the integration process and reduced the overall footprint for developers and engineers. The compact form factor of the EWTS5G allows for easy integration into space-constrained designs, enabling manufacturers to create smaller and more lightweight devices without compromising on performance.


  • Function Safety compliance (ISO26262) for automotive safety system
    • Compatible with ASIL-D functional safety development
  • 6DoF sensors on one single MEMS die with high accurate and for more system design flexibility
    • Orthogonality: ≦0.01° between Gyro and Acceleration axis
  • Contribute for compact and simple ECU system design
    • 6DoF one package:4.5 x 4.5 x 1.1 mm
  • RoHS compliance


Panasonic's 6-in-1 Inertial Sensor