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NINA-W13 Series Stand-Alone Wi-Fi Modules

Secure industrial grade modules featuring u-connect software

The u-blox NINA-W13 series is a small stand-alone wireless MCU module featuring innovative u-connectXpress software which is both easy to use and made to reduce time to market, risk and cost. NINA-W13 modules integrate a powerful microcontroller (MCU) and a radio to enable seamless wireless communication to the end product.

The host system of the u-blox NINA-W13 series can set up and control the module through the AT command interface. The NINA-W13 modules provide top grade security, thanks to secure boot, which ensures the module boots up only with original u-blox software. In addition, they provide end-to-end security on the wireless link and enterprise security to provide a secure connection to the infrastructure. This makes NINA-W13 ideal for critical IoT applications where security is important.

u-connectXpress software for NINA-W13

The u-connectXpress software for NINA-W13 enables secure communication with cloud services. The software features end-to-end security with TLS and built-in MQTT protocol for lightweight communication with cloud-based applications which include:

  • Telematics

  • Low power sensors

  • Connected factories

  • Connected buildings (appliances and surveillance)

  • Point-of-sales

  • Health devices


For further information, see the u-blox documentation below.

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u-blox – EVK-NINA-W13

Evaluation Kit for NINA-W13 Modules

The EVK-NINA-W13 includes a USB cable for communication and powering the evaluation board. EVK-NINA-W131 includes an external antenna and an antenna cable to connect to the U.FL connector

*Not included in the EVK-NINA-W132

Quick Start Guide

User Guide

Device design: Simplified

Choose from two NINA-W13 series variants


u-blox NINA-W131 Module

With antenna pin and u-connectXpress software

The W131 RF signal is available at a module pin for routing to an external antenna or antenna connector.

Module outline: 10.0 x 10.6 x 2.2 mm.


u-blox NINA-W132 Module

With internal antenna and u-connectXpress software

The W132 has an internal PIFA antenna mounted on the module. The RF signal is not connected to any module pin.

Module outline: 10.0 x 14.0 x 3.8 mm

Maximum Flexibility

The NINA-W13 modules are pin-compatible with other NINA modules, thus offering maximum flexibility for development of similar devices offering different radio technologies. The NINA-W13 series is globally certified, which reduces time to market for the end product. To ensure operation in harsh professional environments, the modules are industrial grade and qualified according to ISO 16750, supporting an extended temperature range of –40 °C to +85 °C.