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Vishay WFC & WFCP Metal Foil Current Sense Resistors

Full of capabilities in compact sizes

The Vishay WFC and WFCP Metal Foil Current Sense Resistors enable high power capability, low TCR, and reach lower resistance values in small sizes from 0402 to 1206. These features enable designers to reduce power dissipation and improve temperature stability, which improves design efficiency and accuracy, providing the best performance in the smallest space.

  • Ultra low sensing resistance minimizes power dissipation, improving efficiency
  • Wide side terminal construction (0508 and 0612) for lower ESL
  • High power to foot print size ratio (2 W in 0612 and 0.5 W in 0508)
  • Switching power supply
  • Voltage regulation module
  • DC/DC converter, adaptor, battery pack, charger

Current Sense Resistors

Not far off from normal resistors, current sense resistors feature very low resistance rating and high-power rating.

Also known as shunt resistors, these devices are used to gauge the flow of current. Known resistor value (R) is placed in a current conducting path so that the entire current (I) flows through the resistors. They are designed for low resistance to minimize power consumption and to eliminate the risk of short circuits which are likely to damage other components.

In the design of electronics, shunt means providing a different path to the circuit. Shunt resistors create a very low resistance path for the current to pass from one circuit portion to another circuit portion. At this path, whenever a current passes through the low resistance region, irrespective of the amount of current flow, one can measure how much current is flowing through the circuit.

Vishay WFC & WFCP Metal Foil Current Sense Resistors is an optimal solution for designers looking to improve performance in limited spaces. The age old question of space-vs-quality has finally met its match.