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Yageo — Data Center Solutions to Handle the Heat




Yageo Portfolio of Data Center Products

Passives that can handle the heat

Yageo's portfolio of data center products bring cutting-edge materials that can handle the heat while delivering the highest performance and reliability.

The company offers a wide range of passive electronic components for data center applications, including:

  • Resistors: Metal film resistors, metal oxide film resistors, wirewound resistors, and current sense resistors.
  • Capacitors: Ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and film capacitors.
  • Inductors: Chip inductors, wirewound inductors, and common mode chokes. -Thermistors: NTC thermistors, PTC thermistors and thermal fuses.
  • Crystals and Oscillators: Quartz crystals, oscillators, TCXOs and VCXOs.
  • EMI/EMC Filters: Common mode chokes and EMI filters.

Yageo’s passive components are designed specifically for the most demanding requirements of data center equipment, including high thermal stability and low ESR. This industry-leading brand’s devices are highlighted for use on servers, storage devices, networking equipment and other critical data center applications.

With reliability as paramount and top-quality materials, Yageo portfolio for data center products meets and exceeds industry standards, helping your data center achieve peak performance.



About Yageo

The corporation provides one-stop-shopping, offering its complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors and wireless components in both commodity and specialty versions to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

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